Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oh so Usably Unused and more!

All right! Now for the newest Oh so Usably Unused and more!!!

My featured Danian and deck for this week is a favorite for those fans of the show who favor Sarah, her good friend and all around lazy Mandiblor... WAMMA! Not just any Wamma either, but the original Dawn of Perim Wamma.

C: 40
P: 55
W: 30
S: 25
E: 50
Now, for a Danian these stats are indeed, terrible. But, this wamma has one very useful redeaming feature. His higher power coincides perfectly with his primary element, Fire. Using this, we can take great advantage of it if we design a deck based primarily around this combination. Here is just one example of what one could do for something like that.
Wamma {Khybon's Mechblade}
Ivelaan {Destructozooka}
Wamma {Khybon's Mechblade}
Illexia {Mipedian Balladeer's Flute}
Tabaal {Mipedian Baladeer's Flute}
Topar {Weightless Energy Vessel}
Deep Dirge
Ancestral Anthem x2
Adaptive Progression
Strain of Infection
Cadence Clash
Underworld Collesium x2
Mount Pillar x2
Castle Rathwaq x2
Mount Pillar Reservoir: Liberated x2
The Infectorium x2
Flame Orb x2
Force Strike x2
Power Pulse
Magma Hack x2
Dry Liquid x2
Marksman's Preperation x2
Consuming Flame x2
Carniwin x2 (because its fun, and great filler :P)
Aftermath Fient x2
Flash Warp x2
Fire Ring
So, the way this deck works is rather straightforward. Using Ivelaan and gear Wamma's power can get up to 130, Easily able to outdo even some of the best underworlders in power challenges.
Now combining this with Wamma's energy gain ability, it becomes possible to infect upwards of 9 creatures, giving a total bonus energy count of 17x5 which (if your wamma is max energy) gives a total of 145 energy. Using a combination of mugic and getting lucky on locatinos, that "could" go up to 160.
It isn't a perfect construct, but it is definatly something that could give many decks a good run for their money!
Now I hope everyone can enjoy this, and always remember that we Danian players can quite literally use every stat for a build, and every element to the best of their ability. If you didn't want to use wamma, and simply wanted to garuntee a win in the power challenges and checks, then there is Valanii Levaan with his Hive: Gain 10 power per mandiblor and infected creature, at max this would give him upwards of 230 power before gear and luck. You never know what we danians are capable of.
For my next Oh so Usably Unused and more article, I am going to put forward a once popular Danian who still holds a special place in my heart, and whom my good friend cursed at for several hours when he saw how his favorite creature was stolen away bu the Danians. Can you guess who?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oh so Usably Unused and more!

Before I begin my Oh so Usably Unused article I wanted to say how excited I am about having found a piece of the Mugician's Arch!!! I am still deciding whether to use it, sell it, or trade it though so any opinions would be appreciated, unbiased if possible ;)

Now, for my Oh so Usably Unused card, and a deck to match it!

Courage: 35
Power: 35
Wisdom: 65
Speed: 25
Energy: 40
Now Dasalin is an odd Danian, in particular due to his lacking courage, but his greatest advantage is in two areas. First, he is focused on the water element as many Danians are, and secondly he does NOT require the use of hive. As many Danians, he has a moderately high to high wisdom score which mixes rather well with the water element for attacks.
Now, recognizing it's abilities I've worked on the following deck to help build on these strengths, and though it is rare for me to build, this is a mixed tribal deck.
Dasalin {Torrent Krinth}
Lomma {Destructozooka}
Dasalin {Torrent Krinth}
Gorram {Gigantroper}
Lomma: Desert Wanderer {Riverland Star}
Rellim: Watermaster {Mipedian Balladeer's Flute}


Mindstrike x2
Caustic Cascade x2
Invader's Tactics x2
Floodforce x2
Riptide x2
Marksman's Preperation x2
Ghost Gouge x2
Outfreeze x2
Inner Flood x2
Tidal Surge x2

Mount Pillar Reservoir x2
Doors fo the Deepmines x2
Skeletal Springs x2
Vidav's Reflectorium x2
Riverlands x2

Vidav's Voicing x2
Rhyme of the Reckless x2
Refrain of Denial (blue)
Song of Suprisal

Now, this deck relies on the Gorram to increase Dasalin's Water to 15, with a possible 20 in 2 locations. The reflectorium allows for filtering to the more powerful attacks. There are many possibilities for what this deck could utilize, and though it does not have wisdom rivaling the more powerful OW creatures, using Outfreeze could easily change that.

You never know what creature will show great promise in a situation, including a rather lazy red Danian that I will be posting about for my next Oh So Useably Unused and more!