Friday, September 3, 2010

A Danian Differential.

I thought it would be interesting to post a rather under-spoken of topic concerning Danians. We all know that primarily, Danians are insectile creatures. We know this because of the 6 appendage insect rule, that is that insects have 6 "legs" which for Danians typically come in either 4 arms and two legs, or more commonly, 4 legs and two arms.

Now, what manages to slip through the cracks here is that there are a number of Danians who have upwards of 8 in combination, and depending on your definition of "limbs" upwards of 10! It is hard to tell unless you look for some, but several four armed Danians actually have a fully extended thorax like most others, meaning that they require 4 legs to balance. An example of this is Kepiaan, he is shown holding a weapon in one hand, while gesturing with three, and if you look at his rear, you see a long set thorax just like you see on creatures like Galin and Ibiaan. Another example of this is Khavakk, but in his case you can see all four arms and legs.

"Technically" this means that there are Arachnids amongst the Danians, and rather than just being just insects we have Insectile creatures, that is creatures with an insect like chitin (fancy word for bug skin) on the outside, no matter their number of legs.

Now as for that 10Lumb issue, this REALLY depends on what you judge to be limbs. There are onlya few major examples of this that I have amongst my own collection. Ghundac is the first example. You see two arms, six legs (an odd Danian for sure just from that), but you also see a pair of mantis like limbs with no hands. You see four similar limbs coming out of Neekwin's back. Now, whether these are limbs or not is really up for discussion. They can't hold items, it is difficult to say if they are used for attacking physically, or if they are possible of launching attacks themselves. In the last case, Mhein, if you count, he has 6 legs, and 4 arms, so there's less issue with what he can do.

Personally, I like to think of them as limbs. Neekwin having 10 limbs kind of expresses how he really is the "Mandiblor of the Mandiblor" when it comes to selecting a combat based Mandiblor! Although there are many, many more, I know very few people that can argue against the first thought in their heads when they hear the words "Combat" and "Mandiblor" in the same sentense is Neekwin.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oh Sweet Memories...

This time around I feel like reminissing a little bit. Back when I first started playing chaotic 3 years ago now I had a very simple 3v3 deck... Lore in the back, with Ivelaan and Lhad taking up the front row. Back in the days of DOP, SOTH, and SS, Lhad had the highest average stats amongst pretty much all Danians. He is one of the only 2 Danians from the sets that could possibly get off a full megaroar. Though personally I enjoyed adding a Stonemail to him, if you're lucky enough to get a max stat copy of him like I did he could take on almost all comers. I defeated several Chaor, LVB, and Maxxor waaaaay back when using that old deck.

Sadly, the question comes up as to how good is Lhad compared to Current play? This question doesn't get a good answer... Yes Lhad has "fair" disciplines, but nothing of exceptional power, although a good compost deck could change this. With 40 average energy he falls somewhat short on the stand alone combatant list, although many Danians fit into that category. Lhad's other downfall is his element, Fire. This is not a very useful element for Danians unless you are attempting to construct a ore Fire based Danian deck, which is generally rather difficult to manage since so few powerful Danians can take advantage of it without help.
What I would really like to see, is a new, more powerful version of Lhad that can compete with already improved creatures such as Klencka and Lore... though with all of Lore's alterations being Ultra Rare this might be somewhat difficult. Then again, there aren't many players who haven't seen and drooled over the new Malvadine. Who knows, maybe Fire and Stone will have some extra suprises for us

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Future of the Hive?

Hey all! This is a deck that I was playing with since they first previewed Aszil way back when just to tease us :P This could be a standing point for some very powerful Danian decks to come...

Neekwin {Vial of Liquid Thought} Elna {Destructozooka} Aszil {Weightless Energy Vessel}

Illexia {Aszia Mindprobe} Neekwin {Vial of Liquid Thought}

Lore: HMOTH {Weightless Energy Vessel} /Lore: AC {Weightless Energy Vessel}/ Ulmquad {Mipedian Balladeer's Flute}/ Vilrick Landfarer {Mipedian Balladeer's Flute} Tassanil: Master of the Elements {Gigantroper} (this one totally depends on your personal preferences, myself I LOVE Lore: AC for this deck, BUT if you use Tassanil then you get a lovely shot of damage with 2 mugic)

Stormtunnel: Flooding x2
Mount Pillar Reservoir: Liberated x2
Silchaw's Mine x2
Vidav's Reflectorium x2
Bodal's Arsenal x2

Unbalanced Battlesong x2
Adaptive Progression
Elemental Denial
Katharaz' Cocophony x2

Deadwater Devastation
Whirling Wail
Ice Disks
Twister of the Elements x2
Marksman's Preperation x2
Rustoxic x2
Purifying Mud x2
Invader's Tactics x2
Aqua Recoil x2
Inner Flood x2
Sediment Stormshield x2
Sleet Slide

All right, so as everyone can see this is a "cookie cutter" Neekwin concept deck. Now Aszil gives ALL danians you control Earth element, and in Hive Mandiblor gain Earth 5. So with Elna down, thats a Neekwin with 3 natural elements, and element 5 in two of them. Now, to take full advantage of Neekwin we have not only Unbalancing Battlesong, but Katharaz's Cocophony. Damage, Healing, and energy alteration effects.

If you choose to use Tassanil as your backrow creature, you have the opportunity to give Neekwin all 4 elements (or replace one if he loses it), which can make/keep Katharaz's Cocophany at 15-20 healing AND damage.

The attack deck is fixed so that it gives you what I feel are the best status inducing/damage dealing attacks to take advantage of the Element x effect Neekwin gains. Ice Disks and Whirling Wail drastically mess up opponents strategies, if you anage to pull both on the same turn it totaly shuts down their support ability. I like Deadwater Devastation more than Ice Disks for creatures such as Najarin: FF and Fluidmorphers, if you're facing a multitribal army it can also cut off one set of their mugic if they use a creature such as Xelfe or Kopond just to cast one tribe of mugic.

Locations are primarily support, Reflectorium is obvious, Mount Pillar Reservoir Liberated can help stack an extra counter or two onto Illexia just in case you get hit by a SCR, Silchaw's Mine makes Neekwin even more troublesome since he will only take 20 damage while hive is active from any attack, Bodal's Arsenal is a great location when it coes to using Vial of Liquid Thought, and Stortunnerl Flooding is a purely offensive location, giving 10 more energy and an extra water 5.

With Aszil coing, Danians will get an immense amount of new options, combining Aszil, Illexia, and Elna, it is possible to use any and ALL Danians as at least Pseudo combatants. Give Tabaal Earth and Earth 5, and even he can possibly take out a creature with a pair of well placed attacks. Daj-Huun gains element and element 5 making him a feaseable leaper into their back rows to take out their weaker support creatures.

Combining Tassanil with Aszil, any and all Danians become capable of using Elemental attacks from any two combinations that include Earth as one of the sets. The future will hold a lot of options for we insect lovers. Personally, I can't wait to see what else we're going to get!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

An Interview?

Wow, I feel special! Base, from the blog newly added to the blogroll, has interviewed me and put it up on his blog. Go chck it out to see my bug-biased, inane ramblings!
And be sure to bookmark his blog while you're there!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Return to Glory

Your number one authority blog for the Danian tribe is back up and running from this point on. I'm going to be doing a lot more articles soon, and hopefully a video or two. Watch this space!

You may notice that there are now Pages up along the tabs at the top of the screen. Authors, feel free to add a page about your self.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

piddan's hidden power

first of all this is not an army focusing on danian but a sadly unused card that has a lot of potential, piddan, this is not my own idea but loring's, a good friend of mine, well here is the army.


1-ttit/olkiex' apron
5-ttog/burithean axe

tidal surge
burning rain
fluid flame
flame breach
aftermath feintx2
inner floodx2
primal smash
reckless defeatx2
thermo ringsx2
perplexing heatx2
flaming coalsx2
supercooled rain

cadence clashx2
rhyme of the reckless
fighters fanfare
song of desperation

bodal's arsenalx2
the rao'pa sahkk chimegridx2
lake ken-i-po ritual sitex2
gorram's briefingx2
mommark's catapult tower
UW colosseum

game plan:
well the game plan is very simple to follow most of the attacks are both water and fire four two reasons. First you will gain counters on nunk'worn and second you can take full advantage of piddan's ability by tranfering nunk'worn's counter to him thanks to na-inna, if you are lucky enoug you can code an ursis, chaor TF, tsk or a psi in one hit

Oh so Usably Unused and more!

It's time for another installation of Oh so Usably Unused and More! This time with a special addition. First, I will rate my favorite creature within the game, Kolmo: Assimilated. One of my best friends from Silent Sands, mostly to deal with his Mipedian counterpart.

c: 75
P: 70
Now Kolmo has several VERY key advantages, the first being that exluding the existance of the original Headmaster he is perfect for dealing with Mipedians invisibility abilities. His deleportation ability is also a key factor, because it forces your opponent to GREATLY attend to how they move their creatures, a single opening leaves their core support creatures vulnerable
to attack. Earth element is a good base for Danians, though the exclusion of Water is detremental, though this is easy to deal with.
Next are his stats, with two stats averaging 70+ and one with a possible 70, he works amazingly in a discipline based attack deck. Add one Ivelaan and thats a possible of 2 stats over 100. make it two and you can get a full Megaroar, with a Scepter of the Infernal Parasite that could be a good 40 damage.
Now, for the second part. This is a new and more for my article as usually I show a deck which focuses on that creature. But this time, I want to put forth a deck focusing on a deck idea that I once had a couple of page long arguement about with another player who came up with it. Sadly, I couldn't find the old record of the arguement, because I want to give him credit for bringing this deck idea to my attention. So here it is!
Makrabon {Azia Mindprobe} Neekwin {Vial of Liquid Thought} Lore: HMOTH{Talisman of the Mandiblor}
Illexia {Heptadd's Crown} Ulmquad{Stingblade Prototype}
Nunk'Worn: Assimilated {Weightless Energy Vessel}

Supercooled Rain
Deadwater Devastation
Twister of the Elements x2
Invader's Tactics x2
Flood Force x2
Unsanity x2
Coral Balls x2
Poison Panic
Inner Flood x2
Aqua Recoil x2
Tidal Surge x2
Sleet Slide

Cadence Clash x2
Strain of Infection
Ode to Obscurity
Hive Unsung
Gear Glissiando

Mount Pillar Reservoir: Liberated x2
Storm Tunnel: Flooding x2
Vidav's Reflectorium x2
Ravanaugh Ridge x2
Bodal's Arsenal x2

Now this deck uses your standard search and cycle for air/water, focusing on keeping water on as much as possible. Using this deck, you can build counters on Nunk'Worn to use Ode to Obscurity to infect as many creatures as possible. Once this is done you use strain of infection to place counters onto markabon while keeping creatures infected, then using the Cadence Clash/Lore: Hmoth trick can pull out a total of 12 counters onto Markabon while keeping creatures infected so that Illexia can also maintain her counters. Using Markabon primarily (Illexia only once he runs out after flipping the Stingblade using Gear Glissiando), you can then use the Stingblade Prototype to continually control the opponent's attack damage. Locations are focused on additional infection, enhancing Neekwin further, regaining battlegear, and cycling attacks.

There are holes as I am still trying to utilize this combination as well as I have seen before, but if nothing else it's an interesting combo to try and utilize.

I'd like to see people try to utilize this deck concept better still, show me what you can do with the Stingblade Prototype to try and control the battle!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Oh so Usably Unused and more!

All right! Now for the newest Oh so Usably Unused and more!!!

My featured Danian and deck for this week is a favorite for those fans of the show who favor Sarah, her good friend and all around lazy Mandiblor... WAMMA! Not just any Wamma either, but the original Dawn of Perim Wamma.

C: 40
P: 55
W: 30
S: 25
E: 50
Now, for a Danian these stats are indeed, terrible. But, this wamma has one very useful redeaming feature. His higher power coincides perfectly with his primary element, Fire. Using this, we can take great advantage of it if we design a deck based primarily around this combination. Here is just one example of what one could do for something like that.
Wamma {Khybon's Mechblade}
Ivelaan {Destructozooka}
Wamma {Khybon's Mechblade}
Illexia {Mipedian Balladeer's Flute}
Tabaal {Mipedian Baladeer's Flute}
Topar {Weightless Energy Vessel}
Deep Dirge
Ancestral Anthem x2
Adaptive Progression
Strain of Infection
Cadence Clash
Underworld Collesium x2
Mount Pillar x2
Castle Rathwaq x2
Mount Pillar Reservoir: Liberated x2
The Infectorium x2
Flame Orb x2
Force Strike x2
Power Pulse
Magma Hack x2
Dry Liquid x2
Marksman's Preperation x2
Consuming Flame x2
Carniwin x2 (because its fun, and great filler :P)
Aftermath Fient x2
Flash Warp x2
Fire Ring
So, the way this deck works is rather straightforward. Using Ivelaan and gear Wamma's power can get up to 130, Easily able to outdo even some of the best underworlders in power challenges.
Now combining this with Wamma's energy gain ability, it becomes possible to infect upwards of 9 creatures, giving a total bonus energy count of 17x5 which (if your wamma is max energy) gives a total of 145 energy. Using a combination of mugic and getting lucky on locatinos, that "could" go up to 160.
It isn't a perfect construct, but it is definatly something that could give many decks a good run for their money!
Now I hope everyone can enjoy this, and always remember that we Danian players can quite literally use every stat for a build, and every element to the best of their ability. If you didn't want to use wamma, and simply wanted to garuntee a win in the power challenges and checks, then there is Valanii Levaan with his Hive: Gain 10 power per mandiblor and infected creature, at max this would give him upwards of 230 power before gear and luck. You never know what we danians are capable of.
For my next Oh so Usably Unused and more article, I am going to put forward a once popular Danian who still holds a special place in my heart, and whom my good friend cursed at for several hours when he saw how his favorite creature was stolen away bu the Danians. Can you guess who?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oh so Usably Unused and more!

Before I begin my Oh so Usably Unused article I wanted to say how excited I am about having found a piece of the Mugician's Arch!!! I am still deciding whether to use it, sell it, or trade it though so any opinions would be appreciated, unbiased if possible ;)

Now, for my Oh so Usably Unused card, and a deck to match it!

Courage: 35
Power: 35
Wisdom: 65
Speed: 25
Energy: 40
Now Dasalin is an odd Danian, in particular due to his lacking courage, but his greatest advantage is in two areas. First, he is focused on the water element as many Danians are, and secondly he does NOT require the use of hive. As many Danians, he has a moderately high to high wisdom score which mixes rather well with the water element for attacks.
Now, recognizing it's abilities I've worked on the following deck to help build on these strengths, and though it is rare for me to build, this is a mixed tribal deck.
Dasalin {Torrent Krinth}
Lomma {Destructozooka}
Dasalin {Torrent Krinth}
Gorram {Gigantroper}
Lomma: Desert Wanderer {Riverland Star}
Rellim: Watermaster {Mipedian Balladeer's Flute}


Mindstrike x2
Caustic Cascade x2
Invader's Tactics x2
Floodforce x2
Riptide x2
Marksman's Preperation x2
Ghost Gouge x2
Outfreeze x2
Inner Flood x2
Tidal Surge x2

Mount Pillar Reservoir x2
Doors fo the Deepmines x2
Skeletal Springs x2
Vidav's Reflectorium x2
Riverlands x2

Vidav's Voicing x2
Rhyme of the Reckless x2
Refrain of Denial (blue)
Song of Suprisal

Now, this deck relies on the Gorram to increase Dasalin's Water to 15, with a possible 20 in 2 locations. The reflectorium allows for filtering to the more powerful attacks. There are many possibilities for what this deck could utilize, and though it does not have wisdom rivaling the more powerful OW creatures, using Outfreeze could easily change that.

You never know what creature will show great promise in a situation, including a rather lazy red Danian that I will be posting about for my next Oh So Useably Unused and more!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Misty Hurricane

Misty Hurricane


1.Neekwin w/Evergreen Tunic
2.Nauthilax AS w/Gigantroper
3.Neekwin w/Ozlai's Wreck
4.Rellium WM w/Bronzeflight
5.Lamin'kal w/Muge's Tunning fork
6.Headmaster SotA w/WEV


1xFighters' Fanfare
1xRefrain of Denial (danian)
1xCadence Clash
1xRhymes of the Reckless
1xNotes of Neverwhere
1xDiscord of Disarming


1xGrantkae's Stance
2xTwister of the elements
2xFlood Force
2xEssiantial Evaporation
2xEidolon Advance
1xInvader's Tactics
2xTidal Surge
2xInner Flood
1xAqua Recoil
1xBurning Rain


2xCastle Bodhran
1xCastle Mommark
2xMount Pillar Reservoir
2xGorrom's Briefing
1xLake Ken-I-Po RS

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hero of the Hive; Jacob's Hunt-Chapter 1

Seems I have Quazer's permission, but Mandible still hasn't been around...If you want to read more of this, you can see it in the Fan Fiction Section of the Forums. I can't paste it here for some reason...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hero of the Hive; Jacob's Hunt

I hope Mandible and Quazer don't mind I posted this Fanfic, especially a spin-off. This will (hopefully) be my Prologue in a series of many Chapters, and it does apply here since it meets the requirement of "Branching Out." I hope you all like it! :D

Prologue: Plan B

=====================(Remnants of Mount Pillar, midway into the M'arr Invasion)

"Your Highness!" a calm soldier yelled to its Leader.

"What is it, Tarbok?!" Queen Illexia boomed.

"The Invaders' Tainted Water is protruding into the Main Sanctum!"

"We all know that!" she barked. "Get Tassanil!"

A few seconds later, the lanky Warrior rushed into the Queen's HeadQuarters.

"Yes, your highness?" the Heroic Noble questioned.

"Status report on the Reservoir!" she cried. "And, for the sake of Perim, do NOT tell me the obvious like your friend over there did!" She eyed the Mandiblor, who was staring into space, at attention.

"My pleasure, your Highness," Tassanil said quietly. "Our men can't take the Invaders anymore. I've lost nearly half my flank to those Bottom Dwellers and I'm sure Ekuud has as well! The Reservoir is expected to burst soon from the overflow of Invaders, according to Ibiaan's Calculations."

She sighed. "Thank you, Tassanil." She then paused for a moment, taking a tab of all the events so far and what their next course of action should be.

[We don't have enough Controllers left], she thought, [but our only hope is more Assimilations! Ugh!]

With the strain of that last word whizzing through her mind, it pierced the Antannae of all the Danians on Hive Call and a sharp ringing stuck. They all doubled over in pain, then wearily got back to what they were doing.

[I'm glad Aszil isn't in power yet. She wouldn't survive a day in this mess], she assured herself. [We would all be dead, surely. I really need a break soon...Wait till after the Invasion has paused]. The events of the Invasion has reduced the Queen to an unsensical babbling fool. [Get back on track, Illexia-Find a Plan]. The Past events, her Danians, the other Tribal Leaders-Something had to click!...And then it happened.

She shouted to her Guards surrounding her, "Find me a Map of Perim immediately!"

Not even a second went by when a Mandiblor pulled out a rolled-up Map from his Satchel and passed it to the Queen.

She unravaled the piece of Parchment, signed by Blazier in the bottom right-hand corner and entitled "Leader's Copy," and spotted the landmark that was surely her enormous abode. She scanned the Map hundreds of times before, and even now, and she realized she finally found her Plan B.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh so Usably Unused 2

Here is my second Oh so Usably Unused Danian. Now this one will seem familiar to those of you who remember my old Danian Burn deck that I constructed on the main site some time ago. He is a very useful Danian Muge, who with the right gear can be a complete power house.

Courage: 35
Power: 50
Wisdom: 35
Speed: 25
Energy: 30
Ability: 1MC deactivate Hive, deal 15 damage to target creature (Hive must be active to Deactivate it)

Now these aren't the best stats for a combatant y far, but there is gear to fix that. Khavakk's key strength is his ability. Not all Danian decks focus on the use of Hive, but many of the best cards can activate it and sometimes you find yourself stuck in a stalemate where that extra 15 damage is all you need. Khavaak helps turn your hive into a powerful damage dealing tool.

To discuss his other strengths, water element is a very useful tool. His scanned energy lets him fall under those lovely little cards that help creatures of that energy level such as Strike of the Meek, and Melody of the Meek, while increasung his strenghs with cards such as Stone Mail and Gigantroper.

Of course thanks to the invention of Aszil, it is also more than possible to run him in a standard earth/water style deck since she gives ALL Danians you control earth element.

Khavakk is one of those Danians who could serve as a powerful addition if used properly, and soon he'll be an even more useful tool in our Danian armory.

Card Combo From Hunterhawk1

Ok so I tried to get a pic of Ubliqun and this is is a oldy but in my eyes still a goody. This may not be a Danian Combo but it is still a pretty awesome combo that no one besides my self has ever published on or on blogs. Here is the combo

You give Ubliqun a Gigantroper and he can jump to the very back without triggering a Bronzeflight...meaning this is one of the cheapest ways to get past a bronzeflight. But think about put in a Ikkatosh TAK and a NFF and a Galpaal with a Recurring Rescue with a Melody of the Meek...think of how awesome that would be...

Just quick creature set up would be something like this

1.Afjak w/???
2.Ubliqun w/Gigantroper
3.Afjak w/Olzai's Wreck
4.Ikkatosh TAK w/Mindprobe
5.Galpaal w/Mipedian Flute
6.Najarin FF w/WEV

This is one of the few Meek Decks I have EVER run. So let me know what you think

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Aszil's Wrath

All right, now we've all seen tons of different Aszil decks to abuse many different creature strategies. This one is simple. Two of the best Danian elemental damage dealers, perfectly abuseable with Aszil.

Neekwin {Vial of Liquid Thought} Elna {Destructozooka} Neekwin {Vial of Liquid Thought}

Irrabeq {The Doomhammer} Irrabeq {Bronzeflight}

Aszil {Drilldozer: Customized Rig}

Elemental Ellegy x2
Unbalancing Battlesong x2
Adaptive Progression
Cadence Clash

Frightening Muck x2
Deluge of Doom x2
Ice Disks
Geyser Gush x2
Rustoxic x2
Swarming Destruction x2
Marksman's Preperation x2
Slime Slam
Aqua Recoil x2
Aftermath Fient x2
Burning Rain x2

The Passage: Overworld x2
Mount Pillar Reservoir x2
Vidav's Reflectorium x2
Skeletal Springs x2
Bodal's Arsenal x2

All right, so this is the standard Danian Earth/Water style deck. Elna acts as your hive activator so that Neekwin and Irrabeq can maintain their extra Earth 5. Irrabeq is the best damage dealer thanks to The Doomhammer, but at 2/5 locations this will give an extra Water 5. The Reflectorium helps to cycle attacks of course, and The Passage: OW combos perfectly with Aszil.

Attacks are set up to take advantage of Earth/Water 5 of your creatures, apart from the 0 cost of course. Good dual elemental 0 costs are very hard to come by. Deluge of Doom can combo off Frightening Muck for creatures with matching or slightly higher courage than your own so that you can maxamize the Frightening Muck Damage. Marksman's Preperation is just too good of an attack not to use in amy deck, elemental or not.

This is a pretty straightforward elemental damage build for Danians. Short, sweet, effective.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Simple Little Combo


1.Ulmquad w/Orb of Unda
2.Elna w/Danian Carapace
3.Neekwin w/Vial of Liquad Thought
4.Illexia The Danian Queen w/WEV
5.Neekwin w/Ozlai’s Wreck
6.Ramarhvir w/Mipedian Flute


1xOde to Obscurity
1xStrain of Infection
2xUnbalencing Battlesong
2xCadence Clash


Don't really matter


Basic Danian Locations


Ok so I used to run a deck kinda of like this and the idea of the deck is that Elna gets to battle first and infects the other creature, They then get the carapace then a Neekwin fights that creature(most likely) and he gets rid of his gear and get Danian Carapace after being infected. He then goes on to fight another creature and lose infecting that creature and giving them Danian Carapace. At the point you can cast Strain of Infection and give Ramarhvir 3 counters plus 1 from his gear plus another 2-3 three from his ability and Elna so that is 6 counters to bring back Neekwin 3 times and every time he goes bye bye Illexia gains a counter PLUS since the creatures you'll be beating will be infected Illexia will basically gain a counter EVERY combat. Ode is there just in case you need more Infection or if Carapace is destroyed.

Let me know what you guys think about this idea of mine....if it is not new or original just say so...I don't mind you saying so because I am new to pure danian decks and this is a new combo to me.

Oh so usably unused.

We all know that the Danians have a great number of creatures that never seen any use, but how with the introductino of Aszil, we have just so many new opportunities. So I would like to bring out one of my favorite Danians who can see a very great deal of play due to the new opportunities given to us by Aszil.
The first, is Daj-Huun

Average Stats:
Courage 70
Power 50
Wisdom 35
Speed 70
Energy 45

Now, Daj-Huun's big appeal is his high courage and speed, making him very good for possible compost based stat decks. Now, earth has a great combination with Courage so using Aszil, you get to combine this element/stat relationship for some major damage. Now, gear for him could be very varied, you could take Aszil into account and give him The Doomhammer, or even the Drilldozer Custom Rig, or other combinations of tricks. Bi-mower cycle, Mower Cycle, and Song of Suprisal are key components for using him. His swift 2 gives him the potential to be one of the best jumpers in the game and taking advantage of this is top priority.

Giving a creature an element isn't the only way to give a major advantage to them, but it does allow you more options for a creature. Element boosting damage, attacks, locations, dozens of possibilities just by giving a creature an element. Earth can get you elemental damage, combinations with different attacks on stats, energy, and Danians are very good at taking advantage of the earth element.

Monday, January 18, 2010

All right everyone. As promised, I decided to show off our favorite Danian decks that seem to really pop up everywhere, but for now I'll only post the creatures and mugic since locations, and attack decks will take up too much space.

Deck 1: Neekwin revival

Vilrik Landfarer {Mipedian Balladeer's Flute} Neekwin {Vial of Liquid Thought} Ulmquad {Talisman of the Mandiblor}

Neekwin {Ozlai's Wreck} Illexia {Weightless Energy Vessel}

Lore: Ancestral Caller {Weightless Energy Vessel}

Adaptive Progression
Chorral of the Apparition
Elemental Ellegy x2
Unbalanced Battlesong
Cadence Clash

Now, we all know this deck, Neekwin revival. This deck uses Vilrik to deal with attacks like SCR and Whirling Wail's troublesome abilities, while Ulmquad gives that little extra damage support. Illexia gives defender to protect your creatures, and Lore: AC acts as a block to other revival decks, and acts as your primary caster. We have all thought about using this deck at one point as Danian users, and we all know just how good Neekwin is.

Deck 2: Compost

Makanaz {Ozlai's Wreck} Ivelaan {General's Standard} Makanaz {Nexus Fuse}

Neekwin {Vial of Liquid Thought}/Haidrom {Drilldozer: Customized Rig} Neekwin {Vial of Liquid Thought}

Illexia {Mandiblor Crown}

Unbalanced Battlesong x2
Elemental Ellegy
Adaptive Progression x2
Ode to Obscurity

This deck can use any powerful mandiblor in place of the Neekwin/Haidrom mentioned, these are just the two more popular choices for this style of deck. It is as it looks, combat using the composters to get rid of them in order to strengthen your second line, using them to defend Illexia from jumpers, also using Ode with Ivelaan lets you build counters on Illexia for the Adaptive Progressions and Elemental Ellegies.

Deck 3: Nimmei

Nimmei {Citadel Fragments} Tabaal {Ulmar's Projector} Nimmei {Citadel Fragments}

Illexia {Mipedian balladeer's Flute} Tabaal {General's Standard}

Topar {Destructozooka}/Lore: High Muge of the Hive {Weightless Energy Vessel}

Deep Dirge
Ode to Obscurity
Adaptive Progression
Cadence Clash
Elemental Ellegy
Strain of Infection

This deck works to build infection as high as possible, if the opponent uses Mipedian Balladeer's Flutes, it's a toss up whether to give these counters to Illexia or Tabaal with General's Standard for Ode to Obscurity. I've managed to see this deck hit +100 during Hive for Nimmei. The choice for the back line is up to you, using 1 Cadence Clash it is possible to get 3 uses of Strain of Infection with Lore: HMOTH, and situationally it is very possible to do this and maintain nearly full if not full infection. But, using Topar gives you a level of defence against opposing mugic, making it harder to burn your creatures away.

Deck 4: Fliandar

Fliandar {Drilldozer: Customized Rig} Illexia {Challor} Amblox {Orchis Undine}

Amblox {Elementalist Pauldrons} Fliandar {Drilldozer: Customized Rig}

Topar {Challor}

Ode to Obscurity x2
Unbalanced Battlesong x2
Cadence Clash/Refrain of Denial (Brown) x2 your choice of combination

Now, this deck is an infection machine that has seen a fair bit of play. Using this combination of creatures and gear should allow for at least one use of Fliandar's heal per turn. Adding a max Fliandar and gear for 80 energy, upwards of 95 for no more than 2 turns in total and you can have some very useful healing.

Now these are only a small number of our ever so popular Danian decks, the top 4 in my opinion from keeping my eyes on the forums. So just to review.... we have
1) Neekwin Revival
2) Compost
3) Nimmei Infection
4) Fliandar Infection

Hopefully we will soon see far more concepts and ideas for up and coming decks, and anyone who has any ideas they would like to see me use, then please PM me back on the Chaotic forums and let me know.

drazz to the max

well this is my first post as an author in the danianhall i hope everyone that reads this likes my army build and if you a comment on how to make it better don't hesitate to post i always like to hear what other think  of my armies well here is my drazz to the max army

2-elna/wings of attraction 
3-same as 1
5-drazz/van bloot sickle

domestic hive hymn
deep dirge
draining dirge
cadence clashx2
adaptive progression

aftermath feintx2
shadow strikex2
mineral mayhemx2
earth pulsex2
unarmed brawl bashx2
infectious implosionx2
marksman prepx2
primal smash
enlightened tenacityx2
grouding grapple

mount pillar(old)
mount pillar reservior L
illusionay lakex2(i know its weird 2 c this in a danian army)
the hive galleryx2
rao'pa sahkk chimegrid
the darkened dunes
brawlers' burrowx2

well after elhadd and elna get coded is all up to drazz who will have earth 5 and outperform courage 15 or 20 if you are at the hive gallery which is awesome, tabaal is in here to because you can use his ability to infect drazz and other 2 creatures after you used all of his counters on his ability deep dirge him using the counter from elna after tabaal is dirged use his ability and sacrifice both elhadd and elna and since your whole front line is gone you are gonna go first or if you don't want to sacrifice 3 of your creatures just defend with elna he has wings of attraction so your opponent will have to attack him,illexia is your main mugic caster she will gain A LOT of counter because you will sacrifice elhadd and elna and maybe tabaal if you need the extra counter and thanks to tabaals ability all of the battle field will be infected illexia will have between 5-8 counters always unless of you have to use many of your mugic cards but that wont be the case most of the time drazz has the van bloot sickle so he will have 105 courage and will lower your opponents courage with every attack you make which will allow you to use his outperform ability to the max and most of your attacks will do between 20 and 40

Here comes the Tsunai

Hey everyone. Tsunai here, I wanted to first thank MandibleMuge for the invite as not only one of the Deck Builders for the Danian Hall but as the Danian Specialist as well. I will do all I can to bring my rather, out of the box methods to the board and take in new creatures with popular ideas to create powerfuil combinations and uses for our beloved insects.

I'll be starting off soon with some examples of the more "popular" Danian decks that we all see all over the place right now including Compost, Neekwin, Fliandar, Nimmei, and other such things as well as those that we will likely see once the new set comes out early this year.

I hopethat you can and will all come to enjoy my writing, and please if anyone has any requests about particular danians you want me to talk about/use in a deck please PM me on the Chaotic forums. :D

Rooster Here

Hey guys, it's Rooster5man. Just wanted to make a Quick post. I've got to thank Mandible for letting me on here, it's really cool to be writing on one of the most-viewed(at least, in my opinion) Blogs. Especially writing about OverWorld/Danian Combos :D.

I hope to see more of you guys in the future ;).

The Starfish Danian

Well Hello all, this is Hunterhawk1 the Branching Out Author with a Deck that I have been using in the Crellen Drome for 2-3 months and it has been doing awesome. It centers around the most Danian Creature who is not a Danian I know. Stelgar VM. I have made countless deck with Stelgar VM since he came out but none are as effective in Masters as this one.


1.Neekwin w/VOLT
2.Ulmquad w/Orb of Unda
3.Neekwin w/Ozlai’s Wreck
4.Porthyn w/Muge’s Tuningfork
5.Dibanni w/Mipedian Flute
6.Stelgar VM w/Azaiz Mindprobe


1xMelody of Mirage
1xUnbalanceing Battlesong
1xMelody of the Meek
1xDefenders Song
1xCadence Clash
1xVidav’s Voicing


1xGhost Gouge
1xIncessant Wave
2xEssential Evaporation
1xBurning Rain
1xInvaders’ Tacties
1xSupercooled Rain
1xCaustic Cascade
1xAuqa Recoil
1xRip Tide
1xTidal Surge
2xSheet Slide
2xFlood Force
1xLiquescent Swirl


1xDoors of the Deepmines
1xMipedim Mirage
1xCastle Bodhran
2xMount Pillar Reservoir
1xLake Ken-i-po
1xRao’pa sahkk Chimegrid
1xGraalorn Forest

The idea of the deck is to get counters on Ulmquad so he can take out creatures like Headmaster SoA, Zamool, NFF, and others so Stelgar can stay alive. The Neekwins are simply tanks. I mean Neekwin has got to be the best stand alone Danian of all time. Also if you want to use Melody of the Meek use Dibanni to put a counter on Stelgar so he can use it on himself. that way he will have massive every and the other guy can only deal 10 damage every Wootman found out i our awesome match couple of weeks back...but thats other story. So let us(The Authors) know what you think of the Deck and of course

Long Live the Hive!

Uh, Whoa!

Wow.. Got a BIG response from the author thing.. So.. Here is an announcement of our current team! I'll add you guys once I get your e-mails**

Editor - Mandible Muge
Deck Building - Wagnerl & Tsunai
Cards & Combos - Wagnerl & HunterHawk
Specialist - Tsunai (Danian Expertise) & Rooster5man (Danians In the World of Perim)
Branching out - Rooster5man & HunterHawk

Now.. If you PMed me to join and I said yes, but you aren't listed here, PM me again and I'll add you.
If you PMed me to join and I did not respond, PM me again as I probably forgot.
If you are up here but aren't happy with one of your positions or want to change position, that's fine.

Now, I am going to PM everyone who is up here. Can't wait to get started! Oh, and feel free to use that image as a sig on the forums :D (Click it for the full size)

** = Does me asking for your e-mail seem fishy? That's understandable. Don't forget, it doesn't have to be the e-mail you use for chaotic! It can be any e-mail, but try to keep your name on it as your chaotic name. Anyway, I definitely won't spam or misuse your e-mail. You can ask any of the older authors that and they'll tell you, so don't worry :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Danian of The Week & New Authors?!

Time for this week's Danian of the Week, but before that, I want to make a small announcement... Since the last tournament I had, Kerberos had a similar one on his blog, we may as well have another synchronized tourny! Because the authors on DH don't seem to be posting (SirNainad doesn't seem to be on chaotic as much, Beckett does have his own blog to look after, PC is probably busy with deck building and Buzzer is unfortunately not on chaotic as much) I decided I'd look for a few more. Now, I won't be removing the others, they can post whenever they like. Maybe they'll become active again, too..
It's not really a tourney, but over the next few weeks, I'll be looking for new authors.. Not only that, but now we'll have separate columns and sections for the authors to specify in! Here are the columns.
Editor - MandibleMuge (This just means I have a broad range of topics to post on, I won't be approving other people's articles, they can post freely)

DeckBuilding - _________ (This Author will post different decks they use or have seen be used, and also tips on deck building and how cards change it)

Card&Combo - _________(This Author posts on specific cards or combo techniques and talks about them, often mugic or attacks)

Specialist - _________ (This Author talks about hardcore danian strategies, usage and background, even about the danians outside of the game)

Branching Out - _________ (This Author will talk about other tribes that work well with danians and how danians can be used in mix decks)

So if you are interested, contact me! And if any of the other Authors are reading this, tell me which column you want to work in - There can be more than one Author to each column, or more than one column to each author! Now, moving on!

Danian of the Week, a High Muge Special!

That's right! I figured I haven't given this guy enough attention. I traded my Vlar and Taffial CH for him a while back, and I haven't had a chance to use him yet since he is still banned.. When I first saw him I thought "Meh, he looks pretty good." But now, while I'm deckbuilding, it turns out he's the kinda of card who's incredibly useful to have. Especially when you can get four uses out of Cadence Clash, double/triple some of your infection, get another Strain of Infection going, or even just stick to the classics and use Song of Symmetry four times! Imagine you have a flipped up General's Standard in your deck. Now use Ode of Obscurity twice, and once more with this guy. That's the whole board infected using two mugic cards! You can even give this guy Mipedian Balladeer's Flute and a Strain of Infection mugic. That gives him six counters, which doubles your mugic hand! Not too shabby at all, huh? Not to mention his cardart and flavour text are really cool, an he has earth, which helps if you have the new Wamma Flame Guard, or Rocky Refrain. A great High Muge for the danians, no doubt.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Well, I'm finally back! Sorry for leaving this blog totally abandoned while I was gone.
As for that contest, the code was a lock code and I'm not sure if it still works.. I'm epically sorry if it doesn't, to all.. four contestants ._. I'm working on something to make up for it right now, the winner should receive it if it works. For now, sorry about that again..

Oh, and what do you think of the new banner? Like it? Making it was quite fun and easy, if you'd like to know the basics of making a banner like that I'm happy to say :)

Anywho, for my homecoming article, I'm going to focus on a card that is such an obvious choice of a card to look at, that you wouldn't even expect! Something I haven't done so far because I was waiting for occasion to do this review of such an epic creature! What Danian would deserve such fanfare? Of course there is only one! Illexia, the head honchita herself! And not just a danian of the week thing, no sir, but a Full Card Analysis, the first one since Fliandar - I'll be taking a look at all aspects of the Queen, using the same format as before, with a slight change as Illexia has no flavour text.

1: Stats
2: Elements
3: Energy
4: Mugic ability
5: Ability
6: Rarity
7: Subtypes
8: Cardart
9: Summation + Danian Rant :D

Full Card Analysis! Illexia, The Danian Queen! So let's begin!

1 - C50/P65/W65/S25/E55 - These are her stats. So with a max energy of 65, she's pretty good for what is mainly a support creature. The rest of her stats are fairly average, but stats aren't especially important for her role in decks, but high enough so that she's not an absolute meekling.

2 - Elements - Earth. Not necessary usually, but if you give her doomhammer, she can be a good fighter if the worst comes to the worst. Also helps with things like rocky refrain.

3 - Energy - I already did that.. Didn't I o_O

4 - Mugic Ability - Two, but the possibilities are endless - When your or your opponents mandiblor/infected creature is coded, she gets another mugic counter - handy is an understatement.

5 - Ability - Here is where things get complex. Illexia has the highest amount of separate abilities on one card thus far in the game, so I'll go through them one by one.
1. Adjacent creatures gain "Defender" - This is useful in practically any deck. Infection, hive, compost, aggro, supercooled.. No matter what, constant defender is good. Being able to pick your battles is an advantage that is so worthy to have, it could win you the game.
2. Whenever a mandiblor or infected creature is coded, Illexia gets a counter. This feeds into her next two abilities, so I'll talk about it there.
3. Activate Hive until end of turn for one counter. Simple, useful - A staple danian ability that in some way benefits every danian deck. A necessity for the queen, and her counters can be many thanks to number 2.
4. Possibly my favourite of her abilities. During Hive, her counter's count as your mandiblors. Simply amazing - Because of the counters from her second ability, it's like your mandiblors never die. They are still there, in the hive anyway. And thanks to her third ability, you can always activate hive. So with Illexia alone, you could activate hive and have an automatic mandiblor count of 3 or 4, without even counting creatures. This ability is, like all of her abilities except hive activation, completely unique to the queen.

6 - Rarity - Ultra rare for a card this diverse and useful? They should have made up a few new rarities for illexia, and put her at the top if you ask me. As a tribe leader, Ultra Rare is required.

7 - Subtypes - Illexia is a Noble. This makes sense, because she is the queen of the danians and thus the noblest of the noble. Nobles tend to be protected by mandiblors, and no one is protected better than Illexia. This actually shows in her ability, because any creature near her is a potential bodyguard. Constant watch isn't appointed to just any measly mandiblor!

8 - Cardart - I think when Illexia first came out, most players were disappointed, as you can't see her very well. Here is a close up of her..

Okay, so, being perfectly honest... I love her cardart! Honestly, I think it's awesome. I think that Illexia, as a tribe leader, is more realistic than the others. You gotta have real brains, motivational powers and the ability to stand back and observe to be a tribe leader, like the reclusive king of the mipedians does too. When Chaor or Maxxor charge into battle, they just might miss something.. But that's not the main reason I like her.
First, I like all of the Mandiblor Guards in her cardart. It really shows the solidity and ferocity of the Danian Defense, and lets you know the danians have no nonsense when it comes to watching over their queen.
But I like best the Illexia that you can see better in the close up I posted. First, you see how old and experienced she is, and the shape of her mandibles and stuff. But also, you can see her shouting, or making a speech. She looks like she has a strong spirit even if her body isn't as strong as some other creatures. Her eyes are glowing, which suggests something mugical, which is good because she is a support creature.. All in all, you can tell she's someone who commands a LOT of power in more than one way. It's an electrifying card art, if you ask me.

9 - Illexia is a truly amazing card for danians. She can be the center, and have a deck built around her if you want, but normally that's not how it works. With most tribe leaders, the decks are there to make them strong. For example, Iflar might need a wingman or two, and two owayki in the back. Aa'une needs his tribe to get powerful. But Illexia is rarely the main aspect of a deck, but rather she amplifies the other card. The tribe isn't there for the leader, rather the leader is there for the tribe. It's the group that matters with danians, and Illexia does this perfectly. Her abilities benefit all of your other creatures in an invaluable way. Almost any danian deck is benefitted by her presence.

Thus, she earns my highest rating for a card, ever. 9/10