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Dannian Compost

It's finally here, the compost ability with turn of the tide, I've faced many players, notably BuzzerJr.(fameous dannian player of which posts about how unbeatable he is have started) and it is totally EPIC, the compost ability to raise energy stats and grant abilities like (outpreform courage 50 is awsome, and is practically unstopable in AdvanceAprentice battles.

But here's the thing, this now puts the mujic card Void Dirge of common rarity(most basic rarity in the game) to a major advantage, Void Dirge allows you to remove 3 target cards out of your opponents discard pile, thus eliminating the powers that your team would gain from compost, so I'm just wondering if there will be some remakes of Void Dirge that are more powerful and remove more cards, or maybe an ultimate form of it that makes your oppoents cards go directly out of gameplay, this would be the end of most compost decks, but until then, the vaslue of Void Dirge has skyrocketed and is now part of many master decks for fear that their next opponent in a masters game will be a dannian composter. :) Dannians Rule, but it also comes to mind, that if such abilities can be granted to Dannians through the grave, will zombie dannians come into being?

EX: The card will be two sided, when the card is defeated it goes to the general discard pile, but if it is brought back, as some cards abilities allow cards in the general discard pile do, it will come back zombified, have incredibly low energy and wisdom, but gain MASSSSSIVE amounts of energy from Hive, that would be awsome, would it not?

Danian Government

Form of Government

Danians have a very structured society with a definite caste system. Mandiblors are the lowest and do duty as guards, workers and soldiers. These are overseen by their squadleaders. Above them, acting as unit leaders are Danian Battlemasters, who also can act more independantly than the units of Mandiblors. Much like an ant colony the majority of Danians are male "drones" and their society is matriarchal, the head female being their queen. Acting outside the usual structure of the Danian hive are their muges and warriors.

Danian MandiblorsThe lowest rank in Danian Society, Mandiblors get the worst Jobs. From the drudgery of maintianing Mount Pillar and its resevior of water, to any and all tasks of the lowly foot soldier. Mandiblors strength is in their numbers and almost any Danian army is going to have a large ammount of them. Illexia's guard is made up of an elite type of winged flying mandiblor.

' Appearance'

Typically mandiblors are of red coloration, with green or gold markings typical. They all have the same body structure being quadrupedal and two manipulative arms, largely ant-like in appearance. Flying mandiblors typically have translucent blue wings.

' Gameplay'

Many of the Hive abilities that the units of a Danian army will have are dependant upon the numbers of mandiblors in the army. Consequently this makes Danaian armies stronger the larger they are and makes them tougher opponents in 6 vs 6 matches or more. To make the Hive contribution significant the army will need 3 or 4 mandiblors.

Danian SquadleadersSquadleaders command small units of mandiblors and are drawn from their ranks. Mandiblors showing promise of leadership abilities may be promoted. They are typically given one or more squads to command in battle.

' Appearance'

Because they are drawn from the ranks, most squadleaders are similar in appearance to the mandiblors they lead. This may make it dificult to specifically target them.

' Gameplay'

Typically a squadleader will have the ability to activate Hive, usually by the use of mugic. They do not count as mandiblors though, so you'll usually limit your army to one which you can protect in your second line in a 6 vs 6 match.

Danian BattlemastersDanians with an special aptitude for strategy may be placed above their brethren to the rank of Battlemaster. When a mandiblor is born it may be marked as such. They usually have ability to enhance the mandiblors under their command.

' Appearance'

Battlemasters appear different than mandiblors despite coming from the same stock. Often their color sets them apart and they will usually take to walking bipedal, leaving four limbs for manipulation.

' Gameplay'

Battlemasters usually have abilities to enhance the mandiblors under their command or sometimes bring them back from the dead (otherwise known as the discard pile). Combatively they are usually weak, so should be protected in the back rows.

Danian NoblesThe next rank up in Danian society generally lead large units of Danian forces into battle. Nobles are far more independant than their bretheren in the lower ranks and display a wider range of personality. As such they inspire fear both into their enemies and the Danians they command. The nobles are generally subordinate only to the Queen, but vy amongst themselves for personal power.

' Appearance'

Danian Nobles are notable for their grey to black bodies with greater protection than mandiblors, with red and black marked limbs. They are also marked by their green mandibles and more ferocious faces. Nobles also have an extra set of limbs than the lower ranks of Danians walking on four, with four manipulative arms. Some may also have wings similar to the winged mandiblors.

' Gameplay'

A Danian Noble will usually be a Danian army's "*** unit" when hive is activated they can be unusually tough, if they're backed up by enough mandiblors. You'll usually want to place this unit front and center.

Controllers - Danian Controllers tend to be special creatures who never had much of an aptitude for battle. From the moment their training began, they had neither skills as a warrior, muge, or mandiblor. Nor did they lead like a squadleader should. Instead they lead their mandiblors from behind the scenes, creating great strategies, and in charge of the infection plan. They are of relatively high rank and usually are in control of many underlings.


Controllers have no set physical appearance, but tend to look vicious and menacing, their body shapes suiting whatever their needs are. They may be slender and bipedal, or Mandiblor-Skeleton and menacing. They use it to either give co-ercion and commands or to inject parasites unnoticed


Usually dealing in mugic, Controllers aren't the type you want to put up front. They should stay in the back, and use their ability to activate hive, or infect by means of mugic. Often getting a power boost from infecting other creatures, they operate unseen and slowly. Their abilities can be used to power up your Battlemasters or Nobles by giving them more mandiblors or simply using their mugic skilfully. They often rely mainly on wisdom, or in synchronization with the majority of the danian tribe, their courage.

Danian Muges, Warriors and Elementalists Any of the ranks whom show especial aptitude in a particular area may be taken aside to be trained further. They may come from any stock, and usually retain their base designation. In combat they may be attatched to units of Danians to provide support, or have very specific functions. For example Odu-Bathax's prime job is guarding the North gate to mount pillar.

Its the buzz from the BuzzerJr

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Danain Card of the Week

Wow, things are getting hecktic, sorry for not having this earlier.....

The card of the week this week is Makanaz! :)

Now, tell me you don't like this big bulk of musceles! He is beyond amazing in any Danian deck! With stats like those and the Energy, plus his effect, running two of these guys means doom for any oppenet! :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

More TotT cards reviewed

Some cards not directly relating to Danians but might come in handy. 

Now this is a nice card. Danian Courage can typically reach the qualifications needed for this particular Battlegear. Nimmei or Irrabeq can easily gain a full 20 energy boost! A nice and easy-to-acquire card if you're stuck for any other good BG

Definitely a card to include in a Danian Infection deck. Not much on it's own, but if you put it in the right context it can reach up to twenty or so damage. Imagine this: Jaal using this on an infected Underworlder in the Infectorium with a vlaric shard. That's up to 40 damage, if done right. 

This Location is a funny one. It clearly has a danian theme, but it's possibly the worst location for the new Danians! Bye-bye to all of your compost! Still, it's mirage ability is more or less made for Lore, who's energy ranges from 20 to 30.

That's a few more Turn of the Tide cards reviewed.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Favorite Dannian Mujic

Hello there I'm SirNainad, a fellow dannian fan, and now an author *evil laugh*, just thought I'd say hi.

Anyway I suppose this topic, being my first shall start out simple, and as the titale suggests, dannian mujic, my two personal favorites are "song of symetry" and "mindproof march"

Mind Proof March being at the higher end because it has the potencial to do awsome damage and heal at the same time, and song of symetry is just fun to whip out as a good way to even out a close match and get you the evening blow or get a 10 pt energy boost while doing 10 pt of damage on energy.

How about you other viewers, whats your fav dannian mujic

Danian Card of the Week: UnderWorld City, Lord Van Bloot's Acent

Yes, thats right, the old home of the UnderWorlders under the control of one of the deadlyist traitors is actualy great for the Danians! Think about it, Irrabeq with Ivelaan and an Elehaad in the discard pile spells doom for your oppenet! :)

This card also is easy to aquire and good in other scenarios! Rate out of 10!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Danians in reveiw: Mugic

This time, we are reveiwing Mugic! :) We have all 3 TotT Danian Mugic cards under review in this post, and I hope you enjoy! :)

Unisung is an enteresting card. It gives you 10 energy (gain not heal) and 10 courage for each Danian you control is hive is active. Imagine a Danian courage deck, this would go good in it!
Help: 6/10
Uniqueness: 7/10
Posibilities: 6/10

Now this, this I can have some fun with! Stronghold Morn anyone? That plus Katheraz himself, for only 1 cost, wow, who wouldn't like this?!
Help: 9.5/10
Uniqueness: 8/10
Possibilities: 9.9/10

It keeps getting more and more fun! Imagine this scenerio: Neekwin, Mugicians Lyre. Sacrifice a compost Danian for another Neekwin in the grave! Now lets see, lets say those in the grave are two Elhadd, and 2 Makinaz or something around that.

Help: 10/10

Uninqeness: 10/10

POssibilieies: 9.9/10!


Attention to all blog readers - I tried getting a few people on the forums to come and look. If you have, please make a big effort to tell your friends and advertise as legally as you can! (Don't post the link anywhere on Chaotic Game Forums remember)

And welcome to our new author who will be posting soon, Sir Nainad :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Turn of the Tide: Review 1 - Danian Creatures

The first review section for Turn of the Tide. We will be looking at the danians in detail, in their creatures, battlegear, mugic, and possibly attacks and locations. 
I won't do Topar, because he's had enough attention over him recently :P

No since I don't want to blatantly copy off of the rating system of other blogs, I'll be using a different one.

So with off-the-charts courage and excellent speed and wisdom (not usual for a danian) I'm not sure where Elhadd does better, the discard pile or the battle board. Now any and all danian armies I've made have used courage as a huge asset, so it shouldn't be too hard to implement his Outperform Courage 5, if your opponent gets a chance to put him in the discard pile, that is!

Stamina: (how will he hold up in a battle) 7/10
Support: (how he will help other creatures) 8/10
Practicality: (he might look nice, but would you put him in your deck?) 7/10

Now for Hiadrom. Now we knew about him before the release yesterday, and he is, in my opinion, a great addition to the danian ranks. Not a minion (which is just something I hate to have in my army) adds to your mandiblor count, he has earth and water plus a fairly high courage stat. Best of all, his hive ability kicks tail, and the cherry on top, he has a mugician. 

Stamina: 7/10, due to his hive ability
Support:  3/10 since he is a manciblor
Practicality: 6/10 

Here's Ivelaan, another Compost danian. Gotta love the Compost. As you can plainly see, danians seem to have gotten a speed boost here, as well as keeping up their courage streak. He has the water element, which long ago stopped being unusual for the bugs. Two mugic counters is a nice surprise, so hopefully you can use 'em before he gets thrown into the discard pile, giving all of your mandiblors 25 to each discipline! Remember, this includes creatures like Irrabeq, and since most danian decks run a lot of mandiblors, think of it like a dozen compositions of concetration thrown onto your army! Nice. Note the high energy too.

Stamina: 7/10
Support: 8/10
Practicality: 7/10

This here is Makanaz, someone who looks suspiciously like Odu-Bathax's brother...Or cousin... Or maybe Odu-bathax's exoskeleton's colour ran in the wash, who knows? With a courage and speed of 75, plus a whooping power of 90, this mandiblor warrior is a force to be reckoned with. Boasting 65 energy, fire and earth, plus a mean compost effect, he's formidable even without mugic counters. Call me old-fashioned, but have they raised the bar for what gets to be a common? Let's compare Lhad, an old danian common, with this guy. See a difference? Hehe, anyway.

Stamina: 9/10
Support: 8/10 (15 energy for all of my mandiblors? Ah-yes, please!)
Practicality: 7/10

Now for Neekwin, another runner-up in the Odu-Bathax look-alike contest. Sadly, it's not another compost card, but I think we've  had our fill of those anyway. With this guys ability, you won't miss it! So first off, he has pretty high energy again, your standard courage, unusually high wisdom for danians, two elements and a mugician. Because he is an elementalist, he can easily get more elements with the Elementalist Pauldrons. Here's the clincher though: You may not want to have him equipped, since otherwise he is immune from mugic or abilities and his water attacks get pumped up. Give him a nexus fuse or Aqua Shield, better yet, Hive Amber, and he's a force to be reckoned with. 

Stamina: 7/10
Support: 3/10
Practicality: 6/10

Now for the Danian Super Rare. No elements, though, again, he has the potential to gain most of them with Elementalist Pauldrons. Yet another Mandiblor Elementalist, this time a minion too. 
I'm not so sure about his Brainwash effect, since it's easier to use a move like mirthquake or terraport for that, and it doesn't cost a whole creature! But his main ability is a gem! Such mastery of elements, he can cut down the elemental attacks of others down to size. Not to mention he can do this at a minimum amount of two times, and he doesn't have to be on the receiving end, either, he can do it outside of battle. If I were running an infection deck, I would get a strain of infection for this guy, and watch him bat away plasmarrows and ice disks. Still,  this all sounds great but I'm not sure I would use him a lot. His energy and disciplines are pretty low all in all. 

Stamina: 5/10
Support: 8/10
Practicality: 6/10

And that concludes our review for today! Next time, expect to see some mugic and attacks!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Card of the Week: April 7th, 2009

The card of the week this week is Topar!
He is a great guy to have in any Danian army! He keeps your oppenet at bay with their Mugic, while you deal on the damage! Now think what would hapen if you control another creature who infects in the same army? Wow, that is one way to kill! Please rate out of 10. :)
"M'arrillian Invasion: Turn of the Tide™, will be released online today, April 7th! As a result, the ChaoticGame.com Website and Chaotic Game Clients will be unavailable today from 2PM - 6PM PST (5PM - 9PM EST) while we implement the new set into all aspects of the site. "

If I may say so myself, this is MAJOR! Yes, that's right, TotT is going live, baby! Expect to see all of the danians in the previous article - And more! Topar, here we come. Get ready, guys!

Mandible Muge, please edit.

Okay, sorry for making a whole topic about this, but please edit your comments allowings. Please change it to all, that way others can comment. :) I can't, because you own the blog!

Some Danian Builds

By PCShark11:

From the Shark: Totally Topar
1: Tabaal/ Nexus Fuse
2: Nimmei/ The doomhammer
3: Nimmei/ Scepter of Infernal Parasite
4: Topar/ Destroctozuka
5: Illexia/ Mipedian Balladeers’ Flute
6: Necrabe/ Nexus Fuse
Song of Symmetry x2
Intense Polyphony x2
Deep Dirge
Danian Element Choral
Attacks:Deluge of Doom x2
Shadow Strike x2
Ice Disks
Rustoxic x2
Land gore
Sunder Ground
Quick Exit
Rip Tide x2
Vine Snare x2
Unsainity x2
Ash Torrent x2
Marksmen’s Prep x2
Mount Pillar x2
Mount Pillar Reservoir x2
The Infectorium x2
The Rao’pa Sahkk Chimegrid x2
Skeletal Springs x2
This deck uses a mixtuare of Infection and the Hive. Nimmeis are the main fighters, while topar stops mugic from affecting all your creatures! You can use Tabaal to infect two people, brainwash him, then infect three more (Your whole army)! Topar can then infect one of you oppenet's creatures, then Necrabe two more! That is 8 infections on the first turn, plus future ones with topar! Necrabe stops revival, so that is great! Illexia uses her counters as mandiblors for the Nimmeis, and she can use her flute to give her another. For the Chimgrid, either give it to Illexia or Necrabe, depending on infection. Skeletal Springs stops Fluidmorpers in their tracks, so does markmen's prep. This deck is a solid build, and has many great effects!

By PCShark11:

From the Shark: Ramarhvir Resurrection
1: Tabaal/ Nexus Fuse
2: Illexia/ Vlaric Shard
3: Irebeq/ Danian Carapace
4: Ramarhvir, the Danian Hivebringer/ Destroctozuka
5: Irebeq/ Doomhammer
6: Mahrrant/ Destroctozuka
Song of Symmetry x2
Deep Dirge
Intense Polyphony x2
Hive unsung
Deluge of Doom x2
Swarming Destruction x2
Torrent of Water x2
Marksmen’s’ Prep x2
Ice Disks
Rustoxic x2
Liquesnet Swirl x2
Tidal Surge x2
Frightning Muck x2
Sunder Ground x2
Primal Smash
Mount Pillar x2
Mount Pillar Reservoir x2
Oipont’s Lookout x2
The Darkened Dunes x2
Drakneiss Threshold x2
The basic build of this deck is for Ramarhvir to take Mugic counters for Mahrrant. If you start off first, use Tabaal to attack. Try to take them down low after using both his mugic to infect. Also, make sure he gets Brainwashed. Then before he dies, use him to sacrifice his Fuse and himself, hopefully K.o.ing your oppenet. When a Irebeq is in the discard pile, use Ramarhvir to bring it back. Hive Unsung allows you to deactivate hive, then activate it again, to give Ramarhvir another counter. Make sure that Irebeq can defend your back creatures at all times. Remeber, with Illexia up front, your oppenet also gains defender. This is one flaw with the deck, but is easily overcome by the fact that no matter who you attack, your oppenet will be lost!

By PCShark11:

From the Shark: Hive Drive
Creatures and Battle Gear
1: Tabaal / Nexus Fuse
2: Nimmei / The Doomhammer
3: Nimmei/ Scepter of Infernal Parisite
4: Tabaal/ Nexus Fuse
5: Fliandar/ Danian Carapace
6: Illexia, the Danian Queen/ Heptad’s Crown
7: Fliandar/ Danian Carapace
8: Hiadrom/ Torrent Krinth
9: Yondaf / Destrocktobuzuka
10: Necrabe/ Weightless Energy Vessel
Gear Glissando
Armament Adagio x2
Mind Proof March
Song of Symmetry x2 (Or switch for another Mind Proof March)
Cadence Clash x2
Deep Dirge
Geo flourish
Purifying Mud x2 [2]
Gear Grind x2 [4]
Ghost Gauge x2 [6]
Streak Strike x2 [8]
Rustoixc x2 [10]
Unsainity x2 [12]
Swarming Destruction x2 [14]
Invader’s Tactics x2 [16]
Hive-phoon x2 [18]
Kha’rall Crush x2 [20]
Mount Pillar x2
Mount Pillar Reservoir x2
Riverlands x2
Brawler’s Burrow x2
Skeletal Springs x2

By BigPanda:
Army Name: Backline Revival
1 2 3
4 5
1: Kolmo assimilated equipped with a Vlaric Shard
2: Jaal equipped with a Vlaric Shard
3: Hammer Doom Chant Caller Assimilated equipped with a Doom Hammer
4: Lore equipped with a Talisman of the Mandiblor
5: Lobanne equipped with a Talisman of the Mandiblor
6: Mahrrant equipped with a Heptad’s Crown
Quick Exit x2
Enlightened Tenacity x2
Granite Ball x2
Ash Torrent x2
Muge's Edge
Rustoxic x2
Shadow Strike x2
Skeletal Strike x2
Sunder Ground x2
Thunder Shout x1
Vine Snare x2
Song of Surprisal
song of Mandiblor x2
Song of Symmetry
Refrain of Denial (OverWorld/UnderWorld)
Tune of Xeruruim
Fear Valley x2
Forest of Life x2
Mount Pillar x2
Gloomuck Swamp x2
Mipedian mirage x2
Basic strategy:1) If I get first turn iniative then use song of surprisal and get immediately to a backline creature.
2) If they get the iniative when they attack use as much mugic as needed to win the battle. Then use kolmo's ability or song of surprisal to move kolmo to the empty space to get him to a backline creature.
3) If your opponent destroys one of your frontliners don't worry about your second row. This is why you use as much mugic as early as possible. Simply sacrifice lore or lobanne and bring back your creature to their backline.

By PCShark11:
Army Name: The Infection Begins
Creatures and Battle Gear
1: Jaal equipped with a Vlaric Shard
2: Odu-Bathax equipped with a Danian Carapace
3: Jaal equipped with a Doom Hammer
4: Mahrrant equipped with a Danian Carapace
5: Danian Queen equipped with a Vlaric Shard
6: Mahrrant equipped with a Nexus Fuse
Refrain of Denial (OverWorld/ UnderWorld)
Song of Symmetry x2
Song of Surprisal
Song of Mandiblor x2
Rock Wave x2
Granite Ball x2
Sunder Ground x2
Muge’s Edge x2
Arbor Smash x2
Vine Snare x2
T r a m p l I n g Tackle x2
Hydro Ball x2
Purifying Mud x2
Pillar Quake x2
Mount Pillar x2
Mipedim Mirage x2
Gloomuck Swamp x2
Castle Pillar
Castle Bodhran
The Darkened Dunes x2

Some Danian Previews!

Here are some new Danians in TotT! :)


I am going to help Mandible Muge with his Blog! I will be posting army ideas, and other Danian help here, as well as my own blog, found here:

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Danian Ethoss

I'm just going to give a quick intro to Danians, involving culture, gameplay, background and strategies. I won't go into their government because Buzzer has a top notch article on that already. I'll start simple.

Now, when one hears the word "Teamwork" we generally think of Overworlders with their endless defense and support abilities, but when you think about it, no one does teamwork like Danians. While overworlders need to be beside each other to get teamwork in, Danians can span across the board! Power, speed, wisdom, energy, when hive is activated danians benefit in these traits from every other mandiblor you have. Ah, mandiblors, it's always the little guy who keeps the big bad nobles in shape.

In many danian armies, mandiblors are crucial (I did say I'd start simple). Now this is one reason why I like danians - You can't just throw down some big bad bruisers like Nimmei or Odu-Bathax and boom, there's your army - Trust me, these guys work a lot better with mandiblors around. So the danian mechanic ensures balanced armies.

If someone on the street were come up to you and shout "Danians" you would probably think of one of these two things. "Hive ability" or "Who the heck is that guy and why is he shouting at me?" But let's go with the first one for now. Hive Ability is the great giver of all that is good for the danians. Several creatures (Kannen, Junda, Skartalas) or mugic/attacks (chorus of the hive, call of the hive) and even one location (Mount Pillar) can activate Hive. It's up to the player to decide which one and how. It's also important to regulate your hive, don't boost your Nimmei while fighting a dractyl if your opponent has a maxxor in the back. Wait until you really need it - Hive is precious, and nearly always involves a sacrifice.

The true Zenith of the Hive was the invention of the danians most potent weapon - infection. Like the look of that Gronmor? Then just infect him over to your side! Well, not quite. But you can use your opponent's creatures to your advantage, and really mess with them with cards like Mahrrant or Wamma Hive Ordnance.

Danian Society. Danian society is a rather simple hierarchy, mandiblors at the bottom, queen at the top. However, they are also a collectivist society, meaning they look beyond the needs of the individual, and look at the needs of the group. One mandiblor isn't as important as the survival of the Hive. It's a strong viewpoint, but the danians are all the better for it.

General Gameplay - A few basics on danians. Danians are most skilled with Earth and Water elements, quite a few air users too, and though they are in the minority there is still a fair amount of fire users. Still, most often you will see the Earth or Water element. Danians are renowned for courage, so attacks like Rustoxic and Rip Tide can work great for them. Danians work better in 6v6 and up, I wouldn't advise 3v3 unless you have a good infection to get more mandiblor might, and 1v1 is basically suicidal. If and when 10v10 comes out in the pad (unlikely) that would be ideal.

And that was my very very very brief account of the danian tribe.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Where it all began...

Well, here it is, my first post in The Danian Hall.
So, here's some premonition FAQ's. "What is this blog and why do I care?" Is what you may be asking. Well this is a Chaotic strategy blog based solely around everyone's favourite human sized infectious insects, the danians! Yay! You'll hear all about the top danians, including the new ones from the next set! Danian creatures, mugic, battlegear, locations and attacks - You'll hear all about it here! As well as a ton of armies we've put together.
So far the Authors are:
Mandible Muge (That's me!)
But we might/probably will get more soon. So gather round, new hatchlings, in the Grand Danian Hall, for tales of mighty nobles and brave mandiblors!