Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hero of the Hive; Jacob's Hunt-Chapter 1

Seems I have Quazer's permission, but Mandible still hasn't been around...If you want to read more of this, you can see it in the Fan Fiction Section of the Forums. I can't paste it here for some reason...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hero of the Hive; Jacob's Hunt

I hope Mandible and Quazer don't mind I posted this Fanfic, especially a spin-off. This will (hopefully) be my Prologue in a series of many Chapters, and it does apply here since it meets the requirement of "Branching Out." I hope you all like it! :D

Prologue: Plan B

=====================(Remnants of Mount Pillar, midway into the M'arr Invasion)

"Your Highness!" a calm soldier yelled to its Leader.

"What is it, Tarbok?!" Queen Illexia boomed.

"The Invaders' Tainted Water is protruding into the Main Sanctum!"

"We all know that!" she barked. "Get Tassanil!"

A few seconds later, the lanky Warrior rushed into the Queen's HeadQuarters.

"Yes, your highness?" the Heroic Noble questioned.

"Status report on the Reservoir!" she cried. "And, for the sake of Perim, do NOT tell me the obvious like your friend over there did!" She eyed the Mandiblor, who was staring into space, at attention.

"My pleasure, your Highness," Tassanil said quietly. "Our men can't take the Invaders anymore. I've lost nearly half my flank to those Bottom Dwellers and I'm sure Ekuud has as well! The Reservoir is expected to burst soon from the overflow of Invaders, according to Ibiaan's Calculations."

She sighed. "Thank you, Tassanil." She then paused for a moment, taking a tab of all the events so far and what their next course of action should be.

[We don't have enough Controllers left], she thought, [but our only hope is more Assimilations! Ugh!]

With the strain of that last word whizzing through her mind, it pierced the Antannae of all the Danians on Hive Call and a sharp ringing stuck. They all doubled over in pain, then wearily got back to what they were doing.

[I'm glad Aszil isn't in power yet. She wouldn't survive a day in this mess], she assured herself. [We would all be dead, surely. I really need a break soon...Wait till after the Invasion has paused]. The events of the Invasion has reduced the Queen to an unsensical babbling fool. [Get back on track, Illexia-Find a Plan]. The Past events, her Danians, the other Tribal Leaders-Something had to click!...And then it happened.

She shouted to her Guards surrounding her, "Find me a Map of Perim immediately!"

Not even a second went by when a Mandiblor pulled out a rolled-up Map from his Satchel and passed it to the Queen.

She unravaled the piece of Parchment, signed by Blazier in the bottom right-hand corner and entitled "Leader's Copy," and spotted the landmark that was surely her enormous abode. She scanned the Map hundreds of times before, and even now, and she realized she finally found her Plan B.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh so Usably Unused 2

Here is my second Oh so Usably Unused Danian. Now this one will seem familiar to those of you who remember my old Danian Burn deck that I constructed on the main site some time ago. He is a very useful Danian Muge, who with the right gear can be a complete power house.

Courage: 35
Power: 50
Wisdom: 35
Speed: 25
Energy: 30
Ability: 1MC deactivate Hive, deal 15 damage to target creature (Hive must be active to Deactivate it)

Now these aren't the best stats for a combatant y far, but there is gear to fix that. Khavakk's key strength is his ability. Not all Danian decks focus on the use of Hive, but many of the best cards can activate it and sometimes you find yourself stuck in a stalemate where that extra 15 damage is all you need. Khavaak helps turn your hive into a powerful damage dealing tool.

To discuss his other strengths, water element is a very useful tool. His scanned energy lets him fall under those lovely little cards that help creatures of that energy level such as Strike of the Meek, and Melody of the Meek, while increasung his strenghs with cards such as Stone Mail and Gigantroper.

Of course thanks to the invention of Aszil, it is also more than possible to run him in a standard earth/water style deck since she gives ALL Danians you control earth element.

Khavakk is one of those Danians who could serve as a powerful addition if used properly, and soon he'll be an even more useful tool in our Danian armory.

Card Combo From Hunterhawk1

Ok so I tried to get a pic of Ubliqun and this is is a oldy but in my eyes still a goody. This may not be a Danian Combo but it is still a pretty awesome combo that no one besides my self has ever published on or on blogs. Here is the combo

You give Ubliqun a Gigantroper and he can jump to the very back without triggering a Bronzeflight...meaning this is one of the cheapest ways to get past a bronzeflight. But think about put in a Ikkatosh TAK and a NFF and a Galpaal with a Recurring Rescue with a Melody of the Meek...think of how awesome that would be...

Just quick creature set up would be something like this

1.Afjak w/???
2.Ubliqun w/Gigantroper
3.Afjak w/Olzai's Wreck
4.Ikkatosh TAK w/Mindprobe
5.Galpaal w/Mipedian Flute
6.Najarin FF w/WEV

This is one of the few Meek Decks I have EVER run. So let me know what you think

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Aszil's Wrath

All right, now we've all seen tons of different Aszil decks to abuse many different creature strategies. This one is simple. Two of the best Danian elemental damage dealers, perfectly abuseable with Aszil.

Neekwin {Vial of Liquid Thought} Elna {Destructozooka} Neekwin {Vial of Liquid Thought}

Irrabeq {The Doomhammer} Irrabeq {Bronzeflight}

Aszil {Drilldozer: Customized Rig}

Elemental Ellegy x2
Unbalancing Battlesong x2
Adaptive Progression
Cadence Clash

Frightening Muck x2
Deluge of Doom x2
Ice Disks
Geyser Gush x2
Rustoxic x2
Swarming Destruction x2
Marksman's Preperation x2
Slime Slam
Aqua Recoil x2
Aftermath Fient x2
Burning Rain x2

The Passage: Overworld x2
Mount Pillar Reservoir x2
Vidav's Reflectorium x2
Skeletal Springs x2
Bodal's Arsenal x2

All right, so this is the standard Danian Earth/Water style deck. Elna acts as your hive activator so that Neekwin and Irrabeq can maintain their extra Earth 5. Irrabeq is the best damage dealer thanks to The Doomhammer, but at 2/5 locations this will give an extra Water 5. The Reflectorium helps to cycle attacks of course, and The Passage: OW combos perfectly with Aszil.

Attacks are set up to take advantage of Earth/Water 5 of your creatures, apart from the 0 cost of course. Good dual elemental 0 costs are very hard to come by. Deluge of Doom can combo off Frightening Muck for creatures with matching or slightly higher courage than your own so that you can maxamize the Frightening Muck Damage. Marksman's Preperation is just too good of an attack not to use in amy deck, elemental or not.

This is a pretty straightforward elemental damage build for Danians. Short, sweet, effective.