Sunday, June 20, 2010

piddan's hidden power

first of all this is not an army focusing on danian but a sadly unused card that has a lot of potential, piddan, this is not my own idea but loring's, a good friend of mine, well here is the army.


1-ttit/olkiex' apron
5-ttog/burithean axe

tidal surge
burning rain
fluid flame
flame breach
aftermath feintx2
inner floodx2
primal smash
reckless defeatx2
thermo ringsx2
perplexing heatx2
flaming coalsx2
supercooled rain

cadence clashx2
rhyme of the reckless
fighters fanfare
song of desperation

bodal's arsenalx2
the rao'pa sahkk chimegridx2
lake ken-i-po ritual sitex2
gorram's briefingx2
mommark's catapult tower
UW colosseum

game plan:
well the game plan is very simple to follow most of the attacks are both water and fire four two reasons. First you will gain counters on nunk'worn and second you can take full advantage of piddan's ability by tranfering nunk'worn's counter to him thanks to na-inna, if you are lucky enoug you can code an ursis, chaor TF, tsk or a psi in one hit

Oh so Usably Unused and more!

It's time for another installation of Oh so Usably Unused and More! This time with a special addition. First, I will rate my favorite creature within the game, Kolmo: Assimilated. One of my best friends from Silent Sands, mostly to deal with his Mipedian counterpart.

c: 75
P: 70
Now Kolmo has several VERY key advantages, the first being that exluding the existance of the original Headmaster he is perfect for dealing with Mipedians invisibility abilities. His deleportation ability is also a key factor, because it forces your opponent to GREATLY attend to how they move their creatures, a single opening leaves their core support creatures vulnerable
to attack. Earth element is a good base for Danians, though the exclusion of Water is detremental, though this is easy to deal with.
Next are his stats, with two stats averaging 70+ and one with a possible 70, he works amazingly in a discipline based attack deck. Add one Ivelaan and thats a possible of 2 stats over 100. make it two and you can get a full Megaroar, with a Scepter of the Infernal Parasite that could be a good 40 damage.
Now, for the second part. This is a new and more for my article as usually I show a deck which focuses on that creature. But this time, I want to put forth a deck focusing on a deck idea that I once had a couple of page long arguement about with another player who came up with it. Sadly, I couldn't find the old record of the arguement, because I want to give him credit for bringing this deck idea to my attention. So here it is!
Makrabon {Azia Mindprobe} Neekwin {Vial of Liquid Thought} Lore: HMOTH{Talisman of the Mandiblor}
Illexia {Heptadd's Crown} Ulmquad{Stingblade Prototype}
Nunk'Worn: Assimilated {Weightless Energy Vessel}

Supercooled Rain
Deadwater Devastation
Twister of the Elements x2
Invader's Tactics x2
Flood Force x2
Unsanity x2
Coral Balls x2
Poison Panic
Inner Flood x2
Aqua Recoil x2
Tidal Surge x2
Sleet Slide

Cadence Clash x2
Strain of Infection
Ode to Obscurity
Hive Unsung
Gear Glissiando

Mount Pillar Reservoir: Liberated x2
Storm Tunnel: Flooding x2
Vidav's Reflectorium x2
Ravanaugh Ridge x2
Bodal's Arsenal x2

Now this deck uses your standard search and cycle for air/water, focusing on keeping water on as much as possible. Using this deck, you can build counters on Nunk'Worn to use Ode to Obscurity to infect as many creatures as possible. Once this is done you use strain of infection to place counters onto markabon while keeping creatures infected, then using the Cadence Clash/Lore: Hmoth trick can pull out a total of 12 counters onto Markabon while keeping creatures infected so that Illexia can also maintain her counters. Using Markabon primarily (Illexia only once he runs out after flipping the Stingblade using Gear Glissiando), you can then use the Stingblade Prototype to continually control the opponent's attack damage. Locations are focused on additional infection, enhancing Neekwin further, regaining battlegear, and cycling attacks.

There are holes as I am still trying to utilize this combination as well as I have seen before, but if nothing else it's an interesting combo to try and utilize.

I'd like to see people try to utilize this deck concept better still, show me what you can do with the Stingblade Prototype to try and control the battle!