Friday, May 29, 2009

Mandibles deck

My deck

Why give a text based example of my army? Here's the video!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Helpful Tip

It has recently occured to me that for the TOTT edition with so many mandiblors that this is great for us dannian players, so here are a few tips, when using, well frankly any creature other than a mandiblor, whether dannian or not, something helpful is to give them a "Mandiblor Crown" giving them the title mandiblor, and thus be able to get in on any compost ability your dannians may have.

Also here is a deck that may help you out, that srongly uses the compost ability
6 vs. 6

Ivelaan Khritlann Ivelaan
Makanaz Makanaz
Odu'Bathax(mandiblor crown)

Odu'Bathax with the mandiblor crown, Kritlaan, and Makanaz(2) are the most important cards for this deck, because by the time your oponent gets to Odu'Bathax if his scannd energy is, say, 25 if everyone else is destroyed, then he will have plus 50 energy, and for me I put Ivelaan(2) is so the deck can be filled with many stat based attack cards, this deck will continue in strength through out the battle each time a card is lost, but as all compost decks Void Dirge can really mess this one up so be careful when facing someone who knows you to be a dannian player, hope these tips help, enjoy.

Long Live The Queen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(heehee, I will now explain that even though this has a British origin for the continual line of female rulers in Britain, it can also be extrapolated to dannian fans because Queen Illexia rules over the dannians and is a Queen, thus making my exclamation heavy sentence become redundant as a continue to write out this sentence :) )

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gorram's Army

Alright, in the last article I spoke about Gorram, so whilst in school I decided to put together a rough army for him. This is obviously without the awesome new cards Forged will bring us, and I couldn't look up all of the attacks when I put it together so it might not be top notch. I'd value all input. There might also be some problems with mugic, wasn't sure how much counters the creatures had... anyway, here it is.

1 = Issaley w/Mipedian Balladeer's Flute
2 = Saand w/Torwegg
3 = Brimflame w/whepcrack
4 = Faash w/Elementalist Pauldrons
5 = Gorram w/Elementalist Pauldrons
6 = Neekwin w/Destructozooka

Mugic(here's where things get iffy)
Rhyme of the Reckless
Melody of Miracles
Katharaz's Cacophony
Danian Elemental Choral
Intense Polyphony
Intense Polyphony

Rao'pa Sahkk x 2
Everrain x 2
Mipedim Mirage x 2
Mount Pillar Reservoir x 2
Skeletal Springs x 2

Inferno Gust(2bp) x 2
Lightning Burst(2bp) x 2
Confusion(2bp) x 2
Flamebloom(0bp) x 2
Symmetry Slam(0bp)
Flying Advantage(0bp) x 2
Perplexing Heat(4bp) x 2
Torrent of Flame(2bp)
Whirlwind Scythes(2bp)
Invader's Tactics(1bp)
Rip Tide(2 bp) x 2

Okay, so this is just to utilise all of Gorram's abilities. It's more practical to just use One or Two tribes, but this is just a field test.

So Issaley has that Balladeer's flute instead of the obvious Torrent Krinth, because we're short on MC here. Give the counter to Neekwin. Neekwin is in there not so much to fight but to give Faash and Gorram air. Gorram might not keep up long, but Katharaz's Cacophony can make up for his poor energy. If he does get coded, Neekwin can have fire 10, water 5 and air 5 if you get the compost out, water 10 if you use the Reservoir or Skeletal springs. Perplexing heat with fire and water 10 can do some serious damage. So instead of letting Neekwin sacrifice his battlegear for water, 5 D-Zooka gives him fire and fire 5.

But the thing is, the battle won't get that extreme all the time. Intense Polyphony can help give Faash fire 10, and you can probably get it for the 0 cost fairly easily. Then again, Brimflame and Issaley aren't pushovers and Saand can quite easily get air 10 so the chances are they can take out the bulk of your opponent before they need to get Gorram'ed.

Some alternatives:

Defenders can be helpful because, as with all compost decks, timing is integral - Even moreso here with cards like elementalist pauldrons and Danian elemental choral. Bronzeflight and Defender's Song are useful. Mipedim Mirage also works for this.

If you don't want to commit to a third element, swap Plasmarrows for Flaming Coals and the other air attacks for more water attacks. Then you can take out Saand and put in Ivelaan - a good composter and water attacker who can help your Neekwin. You may want to remove Faash and add another Neekwin with pauldrons in this case, so more than one creature gets the boost.

So tell me if you have any new ideas, qualms, etc., comment here. Thanks.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The General has arrived, & Danian of the Week


The Danian General

I don't know about anyone else, but I think the Compost mechanic is a pretty awesome intro to Chaotic. It has more or less only 3 cards that can be indisputably assigned to it, and they haven't been out 2 months yet, but already they took the metagame by storm. So far, every danian deck I have faced in the past month (and that's not very many..) has used compost. It really made the danian armies more popular.

Now TCDOP has released two of the four new generals, and here is ours, Gorram. Come to bring new meaning to the word "compost".

When I saw Gorram, I felt a little tingling in my spine. "My spidey- er, anty sense is tingling!" I yelled, much to the confusion of those around me who weren't look at my laptop screen. I never found a strategy in chaotic that suited my style quite like Compost has (and I like to think my deck is a tad different to the more typical generic compost ones) so naturally, seeing a compost danian in the big league rarities was too exciting for me. As I described previously, he is "The Chaor to my Kaz" - I can't wait to get him.

I don't have an army build yet, but will soon enough. For now, here are some comments on him, and points to remember.
  • Finally, those other tribes are good for something, even if that something is filling up your discard pile. What else would you need? Now, I know what you are thinking.. "But we hardly ever use fire, only sometimes use air and have plenty of other ways to get water 5! What's the big deal?" Well, Gorram will most likely be used with Elementalist Pauldrons - Keep him in position 4 or 5, so he can still do some battling and get some elements from your other creatures before they are chucked in the discard nonchalatly. Faash is a good sidekick to him, also with elementalist pauldrons, and easily gets another fire 5. Neekwin in the back. Up front, an overworlder, an underworlder and a mipedian, I'm sure good cards for this slot will come up in Forged Unity. So Faash will have air, water, fire, fire 10, air and water 5. Neekwin will have water 10 once you use his ability, and air 5. Gorram will have all 3 and element 5 in all of them. This means you can mix air and water attacks (Hail storm, winter claw) and water, fire attacks (Perplexing heat, flaming coals) with anything else you want.
  • Unusually, Earth may not be one of the primary elements for a Gorram deck. You can always swap the Faash I showed above for a member of another tribe or an earth user.
  • Gorram has good courage like most danians, so even if you have a lot of nice elementalist attacks, don't be afraid to throw in some challenges too.
  • Gorram's energy is low, so don't use him as your main fighter. To raise his energy, try Domestic Hive Hymn or Song of Symmetry
  • Obviously Gorram likes mixed decks, so be sure you are ready to give up Illexia, Swarming Destruction, Hiadrom, Nimmei and more before you commit to the new set's style of play.
  • An old forgotten card has a chance to come back now. Ambassador Raznus can let you get all the benefits of Overworld Mugic before he enters your discard pile.
  • Don't be afraid to fully embrace the other tribes. One creature has invisibility, the other has healing powers, the other has intimidate... Mix it up a bit before your non-danians expire!
  • Remember, this is opening up a whole new world of elementalism (is that a word? o.O) to the danian tribe. Eat that, Overworld! Haha, just kidding, but now the bugs are real contenders for elemental armies. Just watch out for Xis'torq!
  • Don't forget, he is only a super, not even ultra, so he won't be too elusive!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Update on Elhadd

He is not bugged anymore, so you guys can use him.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Enemies of the danians

These are the cards that if i see i go after them even if costs me the match.
Kileron isnt on here just because he isnt really their enemy.
I only posted creatures that really hate them.

Tssanil for Tsunai

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Elite!

Okay, blog readers, time to introduce you to my Team. I joined the team "The Elites" which is a fantastic chaotic team. I have learned a whole lot just by being there. I am now hosting the team's first tournament, and I need a bit of help. So to all members of the blog, and some readers too, maybe, I'd like it if you could all help me run it a bit. We need some help with prizes in case I fall short, and some other stuff. If anyone is interested, or wants to join and take part, feel free! But be warned, joining the elite isn't easy! Make sure to check the front page first :D
More information at the link below:

That's where the tournament will be organised, if you want to see it. All Elite members follow that link!

Basically, this blog will be sponsoring the Tournament. Anyone who wants to help, I'd really appreciate it.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ok here you can request danian cards that you want too hear about. I will make a deck for the card, but i will make one per day. so go nuts

Neekwin video

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Hi this week I will talk about Neekwin. He is a Mandiblor and an Elementalist. If you can get his gear sacrificed you are golden because then he gets Untargetable and Water 5. With two elements Air and Water he is awsome with attacks like winter claw or icedisc's. An easy way to get his gear of is Vial of liquid thought. You get an attack back and you get his abilities activated. A good idea is to have 2 Makanaz's and 2 Ivelaan's to suport him. With stats and energy like that you cant loose.