Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Exploring Alliances Unravelled.

So I thought to myself "Boy, I really love Valban, but I've ranted about him enough."

Then I thought "But wait! I've only ranted about him once in my blog, in the AU review", so OFFICIALLY it's only been one rant. Which definitely allows me one more.

But this isn't just gonna be about valban. Because I want to slow down danian of the weeks, I'm just giving general strategy tips here. Anyway, here goes.

This is a great combo - Citadel Fragments are quite the versatile gear. Make your elementalists tanks and your tanks disciplineers. Now, back to Valban's stats:
75 40 65 40 55
That's the average valban. To show you where I'm coming from, mine has:
80 50 70 45 50

So as long as you have average or up on courage and wisdom, you'll do fine. So, with the full effect of citadel fragments, my Valban would be:
100 70 90 65 70
And he would have all four elements. That makes him a really well balanced fighter, great disciplines, all elements, and he can pull of almost any kind of attack. Now how do you get him all four elements? It's not such a strain as it might seem. In fact, it fits in well with the same cards that make up an ordinary infection/aggro danian deck.

Ambolx and Orchis Undin. Need I remind you that, if you flip up his gear with a gear glissando, for a measly one mugic counter you have double infection every turn for no cost. Infect once at the start, once when combat begins. That is an infection tank! Imagine that with a Fliandar! You have an invincible creature!In fact, imagine two of those with fliandar! Four free infection? Each turn? Sure, you may get thwarted with a gear grind or pulse beacons every now and then, but even so you might be able to re-flip, or just use their ability without the gear. With Valban, one is enough and you can get your elements in no time. Don't forget ambolx has two counters too, so you won't be wasting a muge spot.

Why these two? Ghundac and Nunk'worn are the perfect partners for Valban. Give Ghundac a shard of the staunch or Orchis Undin for water, and use Nunk'worn as a muge. Now you have muge, scout and warrior. But the main reason is because between these two guys, Valban can get all four elements. Fire and water off of nunk'worn, Aire and Earth off of Ghundac. Of course, you could also use something like Yondaf or Drazz with Tarbok, but these three blend together perfectly.

Also, picture a Yondaf SI with an Ambolx. Not necessarily with Valban, but with Nimmei in an infection deck. Say you've managed to infect the whole board - Use Yondaf to uninfect three creatures and deal 10 - The next turn, Ambolx can re-infect two, and Yondaf will re-infect himself. It's nice to have some quick burn ready at any time.

So these are just a few combos I got out of AU, and they are just scratching the surface. Remember, be creative with your decks, look for those cool combos and secret strategies that you can call your own!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Danian of the week!

Ah, at last I got around to it.. My laptop charger is currently broken so I had to do this on another computer.


This is Orbaat, a new composter muge from Alliances Unravelled. There are a bunch of reasons why I like this guy, actually. First he has fair stats and the water element. Second, he comes with two counters to cast a tricky mugic like adaptive progression or ode to obscurity. Third, he is a compost creature, but not the kind of composter that your whole deck revolves around, he is more of a bonus than an essential.

But he can be used oh so well. First he works great whenever you flip your location. He also works great with the new Blazier and with Biakan from RotO, as well as with the new Earth attack that gets a new location, grounding grapple, and terraport and mirthquake. Plus the new danian league reward, Gazarbash, infecting terraformer. Not to mention an Olkiex/Fluidmorpher/Telebracers combo. This guy is great for getting ultimate control over the game, which, though it usually isn't my style, is pretty darn useful.

So just a quick one this week, tell me what you think :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A new video

Wednesday was a BIG day for me.. Exam results, which turned out great. So I was Celebrating.. Then I went camping for the weekend, and I'm only back now, so I missed out on a danian of the week, sorry.. Anyway, here is my latest video.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Continued (P)review

Okay, so there won't be any stats this time, because apparently the mods can't decide whether we can see collection or not. Sorry.. Supers and ultras this time.


This guy I love.. Along with Ambolx and Mhein, he is one of my favourite cards this set. If I remember right, he has pretty good stats.. But as most of you may know, I love both danian elementalists, and infection. So I couldn't really get a better card. Fancy a third Nimmei on your team, or like the look of your opponents heptadd? Valban is just plain awesome.

Practicality: 8 (its easy to infect someone like drazz or lendai and have a dual benefit)
Diversity: 8 (any elements you want!)
Overall: 9 (Yup, my second and last nine)

Yondaf, Symbiotic Infector

A stronger focus on infecting this set.. I love it. Can't say the same for this particular guy though. His first ability is great, and I anticipated someone having it, but 3 uninfected creatures is worth ten damage? I think not. Sure, he has much better elements, mugic and stats, but beyond that.. meh. I thought this kinda weak, high cost burn had stopped by now, but I guess not. At least he works well with Valban, automatically giving valban earth and water on your turn.

Support/combat - Hybrid
Practicality: 4
Diversity: 6
Overall: 6


This guy isn't "Whoa!" or "Bleh!" I guess he's sorta "meh", but his ability could be awesome. He has few restrictions.. Considering he isn't loyal or unique, so he works well with Majjcan (10 energyand earth 5), another Tarin, (20 energy to almost all danian combatants!) and Rock River Canyon (30 energy! O_O) Since it isn't Hive-dependent, he's pretty flexible.This is the one from TCGplayer. review, so you have his stats there. Not great, only one above 60, but its the one that counts (courage). Earth, and 45 energy pretty cool, all in all. Still, with no mugic he is unreliable as a support card, unlike his OW counterpart, Rellim WM

Practicality: 7
Diversity: 7
Overall: 7

Nunk'worn Assimilated

I already reviewed him, but I didn't rate him fully. So as you know, been waiting for him all along, blah blah. Awesome. :D Unique and loyal is troublesome, but who cares, he rocks. And as always, his flavour text is epic. W00t for infectionists.

Practicality: 9
Diversity: 5
Overall: 8.5 (cant remember what I gave last time, hope they are the same xD)

Nimmei, Expedition Overseer

Bleh, the second card I shall negatively review. I hate to rant negatively, but.. Well, here goes. Why I do NOT like the new Nimmei.

  1. Nimmei has always been the relatively cheap but reliable option for danian decks that even newer players could use, and older players could trust. Now he is ultimate high end.
  2. The old Nimmei, in his cardart, was "Young" and "untested" and looked friendly. This one is old, mean, and bossy. Alright thats a bit off topic but still..
  3. His ability is just lousy if you ask me. First off, what if you have an earth/water/air attack deck and they have primarily fire/air attacks? Two thirds of your attacks are now useless? Nuh uh! That is such an unreliable strategy! Hello?!
  4. He has no mugic counter and isn't an elementalist.
  5. His ability cant be extended in creative ways like many danian abilities.
Okay, okay, so I better do the pros as well as the cons.
  1. He isn't unique or loyal..
  2. His ability, if used right, can be quite lethal.. I dunno if he retains the element 5 if hes hit by two attacks of the same element, and then gets element 10.. Probably not, but if so, cool.
  3. His stats are quite good.
So that's it.. The once card I was genuinely disappointed in this entire set.. Feel free to call me crazy for this, but that's my opinion on him.

Practicality: 6
Diversity: 4
Overall: 6...

Lore, High Muge of the Hive

Yay! Third Lore! :D I won't rant about how I don't think he is as good as the last Lore, because the point of the high muges isn't to be mugical or burn tanks, its to use mugic creatively unlike ever before, and I love to see a way of mixing mugic with compost! He might not be the most effective of the High Muges, but I still say his ability is damn cool! What I am most excited about is Strain of Infection and Makrabon. You can get six mugic counters absolutely free. That is just epic. He has earth and I think, 80 courage? 2 mugic is meaty enough for most mugics you would want to re-use, and give him a balladeer's flute for more. Plus, With a little help from Nunk'worn Assimilated and a Lot of help from Inner Flood, this guy can be the ultimate mugical battery. Your opponent can play six mugics whilst you can play twelve. That is the essence of Lore, High Muge of the Hive.

Alliances Unravelled (P)review!

Yep, it's a (P)review. Part preview, part review, because I have all danian pics saved, but the set technically isn't out yet. But I figure why not, might as well give my readers an early look at my opinions on the new set. Unfortunately just the commons and rares for now, or I would die of exhaustion! Stats are C/P/W/S/E




Anyone who has made even brief contact with me in the last few days knows that I think this guy is AWESOME! Basically, he is an amped version of topar. Better stats than topar, an element, unlike topar, two counters, like Topar, and he can infect on each of your turns, like topar, but also on your opponents turn. If you get water for him again, maybe even twice. For no cost. This guy ROCKS. Awesome flavour text too. Note that he could fight if he has to.. He has Elementalist and Muge as his creature types, so the pauldrons work for him, as does Muge's Edge.
Practicality: 8
Diversity: 7
Overall: 8.5

70 50 70 30 40

Okay, so if you took part in Kerberos' Create-A-Card contest back on Chaotic Insider, you might be asking yourself if this guy looks familiar.. Well yep, back then the art wasn't used, but now Gareep is a fully fledged Danian Muge.. Basically, once your first creature goes, he becomes a Rebant with Earth elment. Thing is, he gets a counter for it each turn. And in a compost deck, you lose a creature for at least the first three turns, turning this guy into quite the mugical Hive battery. Even if you don't use him for hive its a good way to get more counters handy. He is sort of a less powerful kind of "Reverse Lore AC" Not bad

Practicality: 6
Diversity: 5
Overall: 6.5

Hiadrom, Rock Ripper.
75 50 60 30 50

The first remake I get to review! I'm really glad they remade Diligent old Hiadrom, a favourite for danian budget decks and 1v1. His old ability was solid and independent, and so is this one. Problem is, to get the energy you need to sacrifice his earth, and without earth he has only his stats to fight with.. Hence two ivelaans go great with this dude.

Practicality: 9
Diversity: 5
Overall: 7

80 60 40 30 50

Mhein is my favourite guy from the set. For danians at least. He is that good. An additional 5 energy for each creature in ALL discard piles? Three elements? Awesome courage and power? This guy is a really solid creature whom the danians have needed. Being a mandiblor and getting energy from discarded creatures just has to be put with Compost in some deck. From just two makanaz, he gains 40 energy! And if those two took out two of your opponents creatures, its 50! Still, I wish we could do something about those Lore's Chambers.

Practicality: 9
Diversity: 7
Overall: 9 (yes indeed, 9)

70 30 60 30 45

The elemental servant of earth.. Simple enough, just like the other servants. Still, you could think of a use for him, like with the new Tharc.

Practicality: 8

Odu Bathax, Reservoir Reclaimer
90 50 30 30 55

Yay! New Odu-Bathax, and he isn't super or rare or ultra or anything, huzzah! A really solid, all round creature, this guy. He excels in using his stats, elements, and mugic. Earth and Earth 5, 90 Courage and outperform courage 5... Pretty sweet. And if you expend his earth before he enters combat, you can use the gear that gives earth at the beginning of combat, or Nom, and get Earth back. That way, you just got free earth 5 and outperform courage 5. Pretty sweet.

Practicality: 8
Diversity: 6
Overall: 7


80 40 40 80 50

Wow, I really like this guy. Danians badly needed a jumper.. He has great courage/speed, air/earth and range/swift.. This guy just screams "Put me with Noaz and Majjcan" Braveglint and Whirling Wail and you have yourself a solid deck.

Practicality: 8
Diversity: 8
Overall: 8

80 60 80 55 50

This guys stats are great, which is good because he has no elements. 80 courage and wisdom is great for danian decks, yet again I recommend directed bravery, and you can also use powercut with his 60 power. He has no elements, but can get them from the pauldrons, and has a counter. His ability is really awesome, and that 5 damage all adds up. Really great card.

Practicality: 8
Diversity: 7
Overall: 7.5

65 25 35 70 50

Ooh, those sneaky card designers! He gets 5 energy for your danians and 5 for your past creatures.. But there is only one past danian creature.. So his energy won't be soaring to impossible heights or anything, it's either a danian or a past creature deck for him, not both. Ah, pity. But if you can include a Northrange, that works too. Also, he isn't unique.

Practicality: 8
Diversity: 6
Overall: 7

60 35 60 25 40

This guy is interesting. Two mugic, water, fair enough stats, and while a lot of cards here interact with the discarded creatures, this is the first real composter. Nice ability, it could be used in lots of sneaky ways!

Practicality: 6.5
Diversity: 8
Overall: 7.5

Tharc, Tablet Translator
70 30 80 30 50

The final card I'll review today. If you ask me, its amazingly good. Tharc is a fairly good fighter with good courage/wisdom and earth. Plus he can give himself 100 courage.. Basically his ability rocks. Use him with cards like Drazz and Elhadd, I really wanted a good danian Stat-raiser. Danian tablet translator really set the standard for them.. Yep, I love this guy, and his one counter is nothing that a mipedian balladeer's flute and some chimegrids wont fix ;^)
Plus, I think his flavour text is the first time that danians have been called "the bugs" officially in chaotic :P xD

Extreme Support
Practicality: 9
Diversity: 7
Overall: 8

And that's it for now. I'll be doing supers and ultras soon. Thr33trib3s, I'll contact you ASAP about your authorship..ness.. But I am busy atm! Anyway, other authors, feel free to review mugic/BG/locations/attacks or do more focussed reviews on cards you like.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Danian of the Week/Assimilated Article Crossover Special!

I've got a very special Danian of the Week lined up for you today, as it is crossed over with an Assimilated Article. Straight from the Collection Page of SL:AU, it is the one and only assimilated M'arillian.

Yes, that's right. We endured. We endured the m'arillians taking our reservoir, diminishing our courage, invading mount pillar - Looks like the Danians couldn't take anymore. From the flavour texts, we can see that the mipedians and Underworlders are still locked in combat with Ihun'Kalin and Milla'in, whilst Erak'tabb and Neth'uar have been defeated. The riverlands have gone to ruin, but thanks to Odu-Bathax, the Reservoir Reclaimer, the danians got back their foothold in peak condition. Basically, the danian tribe recovered from the m'arillian attack in the best and quickest way: Not only did they fight off the m'arillians, they even assimilated one.

Nunk'worn thought he was so invincible, in both of his cardarts, attacking mandiblors. Well it caught up with him, and the danians fought back. Now Nunk'worn, the mighty m'arillian, is a Danian lacky. I can't tell you how gleeful I am to see this.. The m'arillians haven sunk to this level. I wanted an assimilated m'arillian for so long, and to think it is one of their most treasured warriors, it's a really big hit.
Anyway, I'll stop ranting on that, on to the actual card..

70c 60p 70w 40s 35e

Alright, so, as you can see, great courage and wisdom, fair power, not great speed and poor energy. Unlike the last Nunk'worn, it's not quite built for combat. But I can see one with +5 or max courage being used with an Evergreen Tunic to bring it's energy up to a fair 55 or 60. Attacks like Directed Bravery, already popular with danian decks due to their typically high courage and wisdom, work great. He can also pull off a Powercut, which isn't a bad 0BP attack if you can pull it off.

Unfortunately not a Mandiblor like the other Assimilates, but still a very good card. He has water, a great element for danians, and fire, which isn't too bad, and fits in with cards like Makanaz. His fluidmorph ability fits in perfectly with the Danians being experts at gathering mugic counters in lots of ways. Sure his counters get depleted after each turn, but with cards like Liquid Thought Evaporator and Storm Tunnel Ki'bro's Foothold, you can get and use counters very quickly. Careful though, don't plan any mixed decks with him, this guy is loyal, ironically.

I love this guy, as he shows the awesome power of Danian Infection!

7.5-8/10 (rather high for me)

Also, coming soon is a Review of the SLAU Danians. There are considerably more than last time (Last time 8, this time 16!) so I most likely won't do a video counterpart like I did for FUn, but I will probably make a video showing some of the set highlights for me.
After that, I will finish the last installment of the Assimilated Articles (unless any other author would like to) maybe some more non-creature SLAU articles (also, Nainad or PC, feel free to review mugic, BG, Attacks, Locations, etc.,) one or two more branching out articles, and I will keep up the weekly wednesday Danian of the Week. Enjoy, and don't forget to rate the new Nunk'worn!