Sunday, June 28, 2009

Unarmed Assault!

I really don't have much time recently since my laptop is broken... So I probably won't get around to attacks or locations, but here is an army I have been toying around with.

1 - 2 - 3
4 - 5

1 - Eximiar w/Vial of liquid thought
2 - Ilx w/Ozlai's wreck
3 - Eximiar w/Vial of liquid thought
4 - Kamangareth Unstable Ally w/Mipedian Balladeer's Flute
5 - Akkalbi w/Muge's Tuning Fork
6 - Vunhra w/Khybon's Mechblade

1. Ode to Obscurity
2. Strain of Ash
3. Danian Elemental Choral
4. Danian Elemental Choral
5. Discord of disarming

I'll finish it later, Tell me what uyoyu think in the mean time :) (keep in mind it was a rushed job)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Reveiw of Danian Mugic

Hi guys! Sorry for not being here for such a long time. I am now going to reveiw the new Danian Mugic cards! (Yeah, I know there are only two, but still, they rock!)

Okay, first of all, we have my favorite mugic of all time: Ode to Obscurity! Just the name makes enemies tingle with fear! I have made a deck focused around this card! Check out my army build of "True to Tangath!" Feel free to comment on it! :)

This mugic has more possibilities than any other mugic I have seen. My deck has Xelfe, equipped with Muges Tuning Fork, allowing him to infect 6 Creatures! Then, Vunhra (My new favorite creature, I am going to change my avatar into him!) Makes your creatures deal an additional 5 attack damage each attack! How do you them apples?

For solid awesomeness: 9.5

Next on the listis Adaptive Progression! This Mugic either kills that oppenet, or just wastes space in your Mugic Hand. Most people use powerful elemental attacks, but with the new set, many will go to stat decks. Supercooled rain is worthless angainst this card, making the oppenet just waste 5 buildpoints!

I give it a: 7.5

For questions or concerns, pm me, post here, or you can hold it in until you explode, resulting in ultras flying all over your room. :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Review: Video

Video version of the review!

Hope you like it and sorry it's so squashed, the next won't be like that :P

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Forged Unity: Creatures Reviewed!

Welcome back, to the Danian Hall! For the first time anywhere, Forged Unity Danians are getting reviewed! For now, I am just doing the creatures, but there are lots of other good cards for us this set. So let's get cracking!

New rating:
Individuality: (How they do on their own)
Support: (How they help others)
Versatility: (Are they suited to only one situation, or many? Are they flexible, e.g hybrids)
Each is scored out of 10



Alright, he's fairly good. He's got your typical danian heal n' deal, but it works for mipedians. Majjcan, a new mipedian who gets earth 5 from danians is a good choice for him. Two mugic, meh stats, good support creature all in all.

Individuality: 1
Support: 8
Versatility: 7


Masilbaat is truly unique at manipulating damage. Overworlders and mipedians are masters of reducing or negating damage, but only Masilbaat can actually turn it into healing mugic! Can't decide whether to bring canon of casualty or song of resurgence? Take one, as a two-fer! Not only that, in makes your opponents mugic turn into healing mugic to Masilbaat - it's a whole new crime to not read the effect right. Earth and fire, like makanaz, a mugician which is a nice touch, 70 courage and not too bad energy.. His downside is that he isn't a mandiblor.

Individuality: 5
Support: 4
Versatility: 7

Whoa, I went a bit overboard cropping this one, anyway, 90 courage, earth and water, mandiblor warrior... Textbook danian, surely this uncommon can't get any better! Oh, but it can, and does! So say you have the ideal deck, and blugon winter warrior is in the deck. Sacrifice two balladeer's flutes, and Blugon has four counters. Now give Klencka the vial of liquid thought. With Ice disks, he can now gain and deal 60 energy/damage in just two measly turns! When used right, he is a force to be reckoned with, and there are a bunch of ways to exploit him! Truly one of the best danian treasures to come out in this set.

Individuality: 6
Support: 0
Versatility: 8


Kepiaan is undeniably the picture perfect lieutenant when you consider what their jobs are. Ultimately versatile, all around good, balanced, ability - Oh, and special thanks to Rooster5Man for getting him for me ^^ My first ever Forged Unity Danian! Kepiaan works great, because his stats are all even, so he works well in any deck, and he has water, a pretty common element in the danian tribe. He can have 80 energy and 80 in each discipline if you "Play your cards right" This guy is great for any mixed deck, particularly if you have cards like Vidav and General's Standard.

Individuality: 4
Support: 0
Versatility: 9

Super Rare

This isn't Gorram's first visit here to The Danian Hall, and I shouldn't really review him twice, but things change seeing these new cards. So finally, all of those other tribes are good for something. Yes, even Underworld (bwahaha, no offense, UW fans, I like the tribe a lot :D) What are they good for, you may ask? Cannon fodder. Put this guy with Majjcan and another mipedian, and some mugic or battlegear, he'll have air and earth 10/15 in no time. Gorram's usefulness is endless and works in a lot of decks, just not with Kepiaan sadly, or any cards that need your other tribes to stay alive. Faash and some weak overworlders, plus Elna works great.
I've said it before, I said it again, I'll say it once more - A truly great card, we couldn't ask for a better general. He took an original spin on the compost mechanic, and boosted danian elementalists, who, by the way, are getting stronger by the minute!

Individuality: 3
Support: 9 (He's not supporting the ones who get trampled, of course)
Versatility: 8

You know, I don't want to be giving everyone good reviews or it'll look like I am a poor critic... And I'm not, I love to point out flaws in things, but I have my work cut out for me in this set. So here is Vunhra, and if I absolutely had to pick on someone it might be him. I wish we could just switch around the texts, and have the infected one be brainwashed, and let regular danian Vunhra be anti-m'arillian. Oh well. Give your main fighters danian carapace, and give him infectious melody for his counters, and you have a whole army of Agrino Jaldars. His stats are meh, high wisdom but with low courage, power and speed, his earth element is lack-luster. Not at all a bad card though, what's funny about him is that he introduces a brand new concept - Mixed Infection! I've never seen a mixed deck/infection deck before, so it'll be a first.

Individuality: 3
Support: 7
Versatility: 5

Now for the card I've been waiting to review..

The moment I saw him on eBay, I wanted to go and find whoever designed him and hug them. The ultimate composter. I really hoped that Gorram wouldn't be the be-all end-all creature for compost, and they gave us this guy. Amazing, simply amazing. First off, 65 energy, 85 courage, earth element, one mugician, so even as a creature alone he's not too bad. But once he hits your discard pile, it's unlimited hive! Intense Polyphonies are gone and your illexia just got hit with the second supercooled rain. No more Hive for you! Oh, wait, Elna gets coded! Just think of all of those wonderful cards that will have their full potential tapped into via Elna. My favourite combo would be stingblade, so that it's effect basically becomes "The first attack each turn deals 10 damage instead of it's normal damage." So bye-bye mipedians with surprise! He can go in almost any danian deck, it doesn't have to be compost at all! In fact, he even goes well in danian mix decks.

Individuality: 5
Support: 9
Versatility: 9

Ultra Rare

Here he is, the moment we have all been waiting for. I think Elna, Gorram, Klencka, Kepiaan, are all awesome cards, but nothing beats a good old Dawn of Perim revisited, and honestly, I don't think any danian fan could resist good old Lore. He's been our friend and ally for a long time, that one ace in the hole who's sheer versatile damage draining powers were the envy of tribe and tribe alike. Many danian players relied on him early on in the metagame, and of course, he was never forgotten. I think we were all delighted upon seeing that he was the new Loyal Ultra Rare for the tribe. (BuzzerJr in particular XD)

And what an ultra rare he is! Y'know that Glost deck that's been keeping you down? Hate it when you have to beat Chaor twice in a row thanks to song of revival? Does it annoy when another compost deck comes along and gets all up in the face of your own deck? Well now Lore is here to save the day! Glost is just a weak little puppy, when Chaor goes down he stays down and compost is for your use alone. And that's just one of his abilities! And his stats aren't great, except for 100 COURAGE :D That's shockingly good! Picture this: You've beaten all of his creatures, and only FTH remains! He makes a comeback and fights back, all the way down to lore! But you've been saving up and you have... 8 counters! You can do the most epic heal n' deal in danian history - 40 damage, 40 energy healed! Who could resist? He was the perfect end to a set that did all but disappoint danian fans!

So I hope you enjoyed the review, and wait for the next few which will focus on
  • Mugic
  • BattleGear
  • Locations
  • Attacks
  • Creatures from other tribes who help danians

And don't forget, catch the Video Review which will be up soon!

And visit other reviews and blogs such as Chaotic Insider and Kerberos' new video which will be reviewing all tribes!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009