Friday, August 27, 2010

The Future of the Hive?

Hey all! This is a deck that I was playing with since they first previewed Aszil way back when just to tease us :P This could be a standing point for some very powerful Danian decks to come...

Neekwin {Vial of Liquid Thought} Elna {Destructozooka} Aszil {Weightless Energy Vessel}

Illexia {Aszia Mindprobe} Neekwin {Vial of Liquid Thought}

Lore: HMOTH {Weightless Energy Vessel} /Lore: AC {Weightless Energy Vessel}/ Ulmquad {Mipedian Balladeer's Flute}/ Vilrick Landfarer {Mipedian Balladeer's Flute} Tassanil: Master of the Elements {Gigantroper} (this one totally depends on your personal preferences, myself I LOVE Lore: AC for this deck, BUT if you use Tassanil then you get a lovely shot of damage with 2 mugic)

Stormtunnel: Flooding x2
Mount Pillar Reservoir: Liberated x2
Silchaw's Mine x2
Vidav's Reflectorium x2
Bodal's Arsenal x2

Unbalanced Battlesong x2
Adaptive Progression
Elemental Denial
Katharaz' Cocophony x2

Deadwater Devastation
Whirling Wail
Ice Disks
Twister of the Elements x2
Marksman's Preperation x2
Rustoxic x2
Purifying Mud x2
Invader's Tactics x2
Aqua Recoil x2
Inner Flood x2
Sediment Stormshield x2
Sleet Slide

All right, so as everyone can see this is a "cookie cutter" Neekwin concept deck. Now Aszil gives ALL danians you control Earth element, and in Hive Mandiblor gain Earth 5. So with Elna down, thats a Neekwin with 3 natural elements, and element 5 in two of them. Now, to take full advantage of Neekwin we have not only Unbalancing Battlesong, but Katharaz's Cocophony. Damage, Healing, and energy alteration effects.

If you choose to use Tassanil as your backrow creature, you have the opportunity to give Neekwin all 4 elements (or replace one if he loses it), which can make/keep Katharaz's Cocophany at 15-20 healing AND damage.

The attack deck is fixed so that it gives you what I feel are the best status inducing/damage dealing attacks to take advantage of the Element x effect Neekwin gains. Ice Disks and Whirling Wail drastically mess up opponents strategies, if you anage to pull both on the same turn it totaly shuts down their support ability. I like Deadwater Devastation more than Ice Disks for creatures such as Najarin: FF and Fluidmorphers, if you're facing a multitribal army it can also cut off one set of their mugic if they use a creature such as Xelfe or Kopond just to cast one tribe of mugic.

Locations are primarily support, Reflectorium is obvious, Mount Pillar Reservoir Liberated can help stack an extra counter or two onto Illexia just in case you get hit by a SCR, Silchaw's Mine makes Neekwin even more troublesome since he will only take 20 damage while hive is active from any attack, Bodal's Arsenal is a great location when it coes to using Vial of Liquid Thought, and Stortunnerl Flooding is a purely offensive location, giving 10 more energy and an extra water 5.

With Aszil coing, Danians will get an immense amount of new options, combining Aszil, Illexia, and Elna, it is possible to use any and ALL Danians as at least Pseudo combatants. Give Tabaal Earth and Earth 5, and even he can possibly take out a creature with a pair of well placed attacks. Daj-Huun gains element and element 5 making him a feaseable leaper into their back rows to take out their weaker support creatures.

Combining Tassanil with Aszil, any and all Danians become capable of using Elemental attacks from any two combinations that include Earth as one of the sets. The future will hold a lot of options for we insect lovers. Personally, I can't wait to see what else we're going to get!


  1. Not that I really reallly like Danians. But that is a good deck and I hope "what else" the danians are going to get aren't that strong either *gulp*

  2. I see you have a lot of water attacks in this deck, I think you should out the attack tainted thunderstorm in it. It may take up 4 spaces but if the creature attacking has water and more music counters than the opposing creature it can do more than 50 damage depending on if the creature has water 5 or has a battle gear, Ability or mugic that increases attack damage. With this attack I am able most of the time to one shot my opponents creature.