Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oh Sweet Memories...

This time around I feel like reminissing a little bit. Back when I first started playing chaotic 3 years ago now I had a very simple 3v3 deck... Lore in the back, with Ivelaan and Lhad taking up the front row. Back in the days of DOP, SOTH, and SS, Lhad had the highest average stats amongst pretty much all Danians. He is one of the only 2 Danians from the sets that could possibly get off a full megaroar. Though personally I enjoyed adding a Stonemail to him, if you're lucky enough to get a max stat copy of him like I did he could take on almost all comers. I defeated several Chaor, LVB, and Maxxor waaaaay back when using that old deck.

Sadly, the question comes up as to how good is Lhad compared to Current play? This question doesn't get a good answer... Yes Lhad has "fair" disciplines, but nothing of exceptional power, although a good compost deck could change this. With 40 average energy he falls somewhat short on the stand alone combatant list, although many Danians fit into that category. Lhad's other downfall is his element, Fire. This is not a very useful element for Danians unless you are attempting to construct a ore Fire based Danian deck, which is generally rather difficult to manage since so few powerful Danians can take advantage of it without help.
What I would really like to see, is a new, more powerful version of Lhad that can compete with already improved creatures such as Klencka and Lore... though with all of Lore's alterations being Ultra Rare this might be somewhat difficult. Then again, there aren't many players who haven't seen and drooled over the new Malvadine. Who knows, maybe Fire and Stone will have some extra suprises for us

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  1. Yeah, I had a Lhad with close to max stats and it was a pretty powerful tank. But don't forget with the New Queen coming in the next set Lhad can now be used with Elemental Type EARTH and EARTH 5! Combine that with other Mandiblors with FIRE like Tarbok and you could have a pretty decent army using Lhad again!